Buying (leasing) service

In the past, when buying cars, I have used a service called Car Bargains.

They do the legwork to get offers. I have found the offers they get to be pretty good, and it saves me the trouble. Then I either buy based on their best offer, or I shop their best offer to a couple of other dealers and buy from one who beats it. I have found their service to be worth the $225 or so they charge.

They also have a lease service that provides a similar service, although for a bit higher fee. Do you experts think a service such as this is worthwhile, for someone like me who understands the basic economics and terms of car leasing, but has never done it before – and values his time?

Are there other such services you have used that you are happy with? If so, I would be interested.

Or am I better off just doing all the work myself?


Yes, take a look at the Marketplace section here, there are a number of reputable brokers that do basically the same thing.

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Hire a broker here, if you want a no-hassle deal.

Do these brokers tend to specialize in a particular car company (e.g., Honda, VW, etc.)?

The “Car Bargains” service does not do that – they will shop any car. I am not sure that is a benefit, though – perhaps someone who specializes in a particular car company knows more about that one…

I suspect that unless I am willing to put in a fair amount of work, a broker or buying service is likely to save me more than the amount of their fee. So I guess it is really just a matter of which one to hire.

Really depends on how you value your time. If you enjoy getting a great deal and willing to do lots of leg work and research then you can do it yourself! But if you don’t mind not getting a "unicorn " but still a great deal and don’t mind paying 3 to 500 fee then you can get a broker. Also depends on your location since many brokers only deal with certain state(S).

I can’t tell you if the service you linked is worth because I’ve never used it so it would be hard to compare.

I do not work for any broker or car buying service. I am just a random idiot trying to figure out what the best option is.

It is unfortunate that we live in a world in which people (some people) immediately assume the worst about others – even when there is no basis for them to do so. I would personally not want to live with such cynicism. I think it is toxic.


Depends on how you quantify the value a brokerage provides, as at the end of the day that is what you are paying them for correct?

Look through the Marketplace and Reviews sections to decide for yourself.