Buying Leased bmw - go with bmwfs or dealer


My lease on current bmw is ending soon on May 23. its 2018 x1. low mileage ~23k . current lease is 359 and new lease is over 500. thinking of buying the current one till market get little better. Is it better to buy from the dealer or go with bmwfs? I might be able to put down deposit and extend it another 4-6 months.

The only benefit i see going to dealer is buying extended warranty. I have 2800 msd on it


Buying from a ‘Dealer’ sometimes incurs ‘dealer fees’
Lightstream, PenFed, a few credit unions let you get a loan on a used car for a nice rate.

And you can always buy a warranty from any other BMW dealer like these people did and saved a lot of money

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Just buy it directly.

You can get your payoff documents by logging into your BMWFS account.

If you want to take out a loan, a traditional auto lender (bank, CU, etc) will pay off the loan for you after you sign the note.

The main benefit to going to a dealer is avoiding the need to deal with the registration yourself, but you’re going to pay for the service (which is by no means unfair, assuming the additional dealer fees are reasonable).

And consider going without a warranty, a statement which will undoubtedly cause many here to clutch their pearls. The car will not self destruct when the manufacturer coverage ends.

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