Buying Car Out of Lease and Immediately Reselling - Sales Tax Exemption


I am considering purchasing one of our cars out of the lease agreement in order to immediately resell it. If I register the purchase in Florida, does FL have an exemption for a few days in which you can resell the vehicle and not have to pay the sales tax on the purchase? My understanding is some states have this exemption for up to a week.

Look on the Florida DMV or Florida department of taxation site. Or Google

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Why not just sell it to vroom or carvana and be done with it?

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Does selling to Carvana exempt you from sales tax on the end of lease purchase?

Yes. See the carvana and vroom threads on here. Has been discussed a lot

As long as Carvana can do a 3rd party buy out (this is bank dependent), you’re never doing an end of lease purchase, so there’s no sales tax to charge. If you have to buy it out and then sell it to Carvana, it doesn’t exempt you from sales tax, unless the state you’re in has a grace period.