Buying Acura MDX 2020 Lease Worth it?

I mentioned it because that is a major service at 106 k miles IIRC. The OP stated that there was no major service before 160k miles but you need the timing belt and usually do water pump too at 106k miles.

Perhaps it was a typo and he meant 106k miles instead of 160k miles??

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My bad yes I meant 100K miles for the major service.

Looks like based on the most recent news of China went back to Covid lockdowns, the supply chain issues may continue further into 2023. Some cities are protesting so will see how things develop into Q1 2023.

Though I am still thinking to buy my lease atm…

I’m also in the same situation, mine matures next month. I’ve considered calling Acura and extending for another 12 months.
Did they recalculate your RV for the additional 12 months? Or did they keep the RV the same as the original 36mo term?

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Original contract numbers stay the same. They do reduce payoff amount with every consecutive payment. They just ask you to pay tax, everything else stays the same. I called them again this month and checked my options. Interestingly enough there is an option to extend the lease yet again. They asked to call back 30 days before the lease maturity day. I think they will allow another 6 month, totalling 54 month!


Hi @AlexKon , wise choice to extend the lease. I will likely do the same if I need to as inventory of new cars are surging but new sales made by dealerships are still very very low.

Per the below article from KBB, in Q1-Q2 2023 incentives from dealerships may come back to move or sell cars asap out of their lots.

I may likely consider buying an Acura MDX 2023 Tech or Advance Package esp if the 2024 comes out and gives me better deals. Will see.

Here is an Acura MDX 2023 Tech Pack lease I am also working on slowly atm