Buying 2020 Acura MDX Texas

I know this is a leasing site, but any suggestions for what % to get off for 2020 new Acura MDX sh-awd with Advance package? MSRP is $60k lol. Used with 30k miles are going for about $30-$35k. I would thing $45k for new should be do-able with a little work, especially with the new refresh coming very soon.

Thought about reaching out to acura brokers from other states since I dont see any for Texas on here, to see of they have inventory to clear. Thanks for the help.

If you’re looking for an mdx, you should seriously consider leasing one and then immediately buying out the lease, assuming texas doesn’t stick you with full sales tax when buying out a lease after sticking you with full sales tax on the lease.

Unless the programs have changed drastically for January, the mdx is one of the few vehicles where this makes way more sense.

Not anymore. Program is totally different now.

Well nevermind then

I know I’m kinda upset. I was at a really deep discount on a 2020 Tech demo with the intention to buy it out. Oh well.

25% off? Is there even enough inventory for the Advance? Only see base and lightly optioned ones one the Marketplace

I seem to recall seeing a few that were knocking at the door of 14% pre-incentive. What kind of purchase incentives are there available?

Best bet is a demo. It’s been years but I feel like Acura dealers don’t give much off.

Yes, acura charges $0.10 per mile on the RV for depreciation max 6k miles.