Buyers remorse in California

My company bought a new car, Lexus LS for $101k (in California). They decided they didn’t want the car after 1 day. Is there anyway to return this car with paying some restocking fee without getting hit by the sales tax and depreciation? We did not buy the cooling off period. Any suggestions to avoid big losses?
Thanks in advance

Call the dealer and ask what they can do, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Kiss the dealers behind because if they say no, you’re SOL.

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California doesn’t have any cooling off period. Be glad your company only leased and didn’t buy it.

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If only it was that easy to return a car :rofl:


he did mentioned they BOUGHT the car, i am guess that means financed not leasing.

I hope you are not the owner of the company.


Poor LS - Lexus sold whopping 529 of them in November… How the mighty has fallen…

In California, you can buy a colling off period for used cars with a sales price of less than $40,000. Not applicable to new cars.


I doubt they started the process in 1 day. Call them and talk to them, If you’re willing to take a different car from them, they might work with you. But don’t expect a “deal” in this case.

Thanks for all the feedbacks

I once purchased a car in NY, and because the dealer hasn’t registered the car yet, they were willing to let us out of the deal. Once registered, they wouldn’t have been able to help as it would be considered a used car.

I had leased and purchased several cars with them in the past and had a relationship with them at the time.

When I was 20, I was really excited to get a car with my own money but I had no credit established. I went to some shitty place called Good Fellas in Burbank and they approved me at 24% APR on a 2011 335i coupe with 80,000 miles on it. I know, I’m an idiot. I got on the highway and the check engine light came on (when I test drove it the car drove fine). I called them and they started making excuses. I freaked out and went there the next day, told them I’ll give them a few hundred dollars but I’m not leaving until they take the car back. The only reason I got away with it is because we finished the paperwork at 10 pm and they told me it’s too late to go to the bank so just to paypal them the $3,000 down payment. They told me to send the payment as friends & family but I sent it as a goods & services payment because I had a weird feeling. I called paypal and told them what happened and they reversed the payment back to my name. I think that happening with paypal + the finance company obviously not having the paperwork yet put them in a shitty position where they weren’t able to have me keep the car. Probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done and I’m glad I got out of it the way that I did.


This explains those used cars I see with 50 miles on them!

…or 10 people test drove the car.


If we want to be particular then test driving a car doesn’t make it used.

That flew past me…you are right, of course.

Once I leased a Toyota, wasn’t happy with a few particular things with the dealer and a few days later left a low-rated review about the dealer to the web survey link I was sent. I wasn’t even expecting any response and had totally accepted to keep the car. To my surprise, dealer called me and (rather rudely) told me to “bring their car back”, because they don’t want me as a customer if I am not happy. I returned the car and got my $2k deposit back on my credit card, lease contract cancelled flat.


The only possible way I could maybe see the dealer taking the car back is if you’re buying an even more expensive car to replace it (from them!) - OR you’re very good repeat customers. At $100k+ I don’t imagine it applies but you never know.

Lexus is having a hard enough time selling these luxo-barges as it is, I can’t imagine they’re going to want a used one to have to sell too.

It is possible, not very likely. I know someone who leased a 90k car, got a really good deal but then Had buyers remorse. Very next day, Got on the dealer, who surprisingly agreed to take the car back saying “ we didn’t make any money on the car, so bring the car back so that we don’t have an unhappy customer”.
My guess was that the dealership might have had another customer interest and the dealership hoped to make some money the second time around.

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