Buy used Wrangler or lease a new one?


Hi @wantingadeal
Thanks for this example, this doesn’t look too bad, actually it’s managable to “borrow” a car for 3 years for $10k. I will reach out to @DistrictLeases for some examples, but I thought the MF was already pretty low that one-pay wouldn’t make much difference, but according to your calculator it does. Also I can easily go with 7500 option to save more.

Will contact @DistrictLeases about similarly MSRP’s Sahara and Rubicon. I should study the differences in the meantime.

One pay saves about $2500 on these.

No 7500 mile lease options. 10k is the lowest.

Thanks Matt, I was going by the calculator, it has 7500 so I thought there was. I think 10k for jeep for 3 years is reasonable what is the general consensus on that? Would you be able to recommend any other car for cheaper, doesn’t have to be Jeep since we really need a grocery shopper/mall crawler/kid pick up. I was just trying to please wife since she always wanted a red jeep.

Unfortunately, @DistrictLeases does not have availability, I’ll be reaching out to others. Thanks again.