Buy used Wrangler or lease a new one?


I am in New York and will need to get a car soon for the wife to take the kids to school, run errands, etc when I am at work. It won’t be driven long distances and she always had a thing for the Jeeps, specifically Wrangler, but they don’t make the 2 door wrangler anymore and I feel like the Unlimited is might be expensive for what we need.

Has anyone looked into buying used vs leasing recently?

How soon? Can you wait 3-4 months (new school year)?

No, no one here has looked at leasing wranglers recently



Lease a Wrangler 4XE. It’s a no-brainer over buying used.

Multiple offers in the LH Marketplace section.

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ummm…yes they do make the 2 door Wranglers-your statement is incorrect

You should order and lease one


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You can order the exact Wrangler you want at a huge discount (Yes even 2 door). Wranglers have very low depreciation so they make no sense to buy used

If you are leasing, the best value is the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4XE or Rubicon 4XE. The 2 doors dont lease as well as the 4 door Wranglers so I recommend buying that instead

I think it can wait 3-4 months but I’d prefer it before the school year as I would expect summer would be busy and might need a car during week days.

Thanks, I just learned about 4xe only yesterday, I had no idea that even existed. Jeep needs to do better advertising. If by multiple offers you mean all over $400/mo with a good amount of cash DAS, I prefer something in 300’s with ~1500 range DAS. No chance?

Thanks Jeff, I have absolutely no idea why I can’t find 2 doors online… I checked comparison, models, etc can’t see it Model Compare a Jeep® today! | Jeep
Edit: I see, 4xE doesn’t have 2 door version but if I select Wrangler it has 2 door option. My bad.

Anyway, glad to see they still exist but if 4xE is the way to go, I don’t mind, plus 2 more doors and more space, sure why not. I will look into test driving one soon, and maybe watch some videos. Seems like it will be difficult to get one for around $300’s/mo with only dmv/bank/doc/plates/taxes upfront ~$1500’ish due at registration

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For a wrangler

Maybe high 300s with 2k due plus broker fee if you find a base sahara 4xe at ~9.5-10% off and base.

My baseish Rubi was 350+tax with 1k out of pocket (just the 500 dealer fee and broker fee). 9.75% off MSRP.

All of that is quite a bit more than $1500. Taxes alone are that much.

If you can swing a one-pay on a Sahara hardtop, you’d be well within your target.

Contact Tom Borah at Chapman in Horsham PA. I ordered a 4dr Sport Altitude for slightly less monthly than a 4xe (which I didn’t want due to reliability converns). The lease payment on the 2 door is roughly the same as a similarly equipped 4 door - even though the terms aren’t as good on the 2 door the list/sell price is significantly less which levels it out.

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Chapman has discontinued their discounts for now.

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If I remember correctly, taxes are only on lease payments in NY, so I figured at $300/mo x 36 it’s little over 925. I guess bank fees/Acquistion went up, used to be around $500 so that’s $1425. $75 for doc fee, $10 inspection.
I think only difference is DMV which let’s say I add, $1700 range total now?

Seems like it’s going to be difficult to get $300 range for the Jeep we want. I still have about 2 months or so before I need the car, but I might need to take it sooner depending on moving situation.

I will keep an eye on other threads for other cars that are similarly capable in case something good pops up before I give up and go with Nissan leaf or something with lowest possible payment until things improve (if they ever will). Seems like Nissan leaf is very popular with some people getting sub-$100/mo leases. This can help get us through 1st year while I look for a jeep and save some more.

@ Qbrozen, what is one-pay?

I don’t know what your taxes or government fees are for NY but below is a link to a one pay calculator for a base Rubicon 4xe (soft top only).
Obviously if you add options the price would go up.

You can play with the builder on and update the MSRP to reflect the vehicle that you would like. If you change to the Sahara the RV would change to 64%.

In NY you could work with several brokers to help facilitate this deal. @DistrictLeases has the biggest discount in that region currently.

Let us know what else we can do to help.

This is where you pay for full amount of lease payments up front in exchange for a reduced MF (interest rate).

You have to pay tax on the $7500 incentive, too.

Your preference isn’t what the market dictates…safer bet is $350-$400. If you order two you can sell one for profit and keep one to use… order one in your wives name and one in yours!!!

BTW for your “used” financed Wrangler to fall into $300/mo that’s roughly a $15,000 vehicle, that would be a PRE 2010 Wrangler…