Buy cheap car & wait or is it finally safe to buy used?

Wish I could help but I only researched w211’s. The forums were a huge help, especially MBworld. Good luck.

Not talking about those. Post the links to the W202s.

Overpriced late model used cars are a dime-a-dozen and just make no sense at all from a TCO perspective. The TCO of a used car has to be way lower than a new car’s to justify itself. And that’s just never going to be the case here.

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Was thinking the same…read nothing and heard nothing but great things about the Macan and I often see it being ranked as top of class. The fact that it holds value well and that Porsche owners tend to take care of their cars is a selling point for me as well.

The late model w211 and w212 are both very reliable cars by German or luxury car standards. The NA V6 and both 5G and 7G transmissions are very durable.

Our family had a 2009 E3504M (late 2008 in-service date) bought in 2011 and sold in 2017. Only part that died during the period out of warranty was the AC compressor. Main weak point of the AMG appearance package cars is the brittle rims. I’d recommend avoiding the package or replacing the rims. Still have a 2012 W212 bought in 2017.

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Ah, the last old-skool Benz…

Emphasis on late model. Those first W211 were… not good (we had one). Although at least it didn’t feel like an extended length C-Class…

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If you find a C36 under $10k in good condition buy it. If not send it to me. Finding a W202 without rust will be very difficult.

If you think an e30 is cheap these days, you and I have VERY different definitions of cheap.

There’s nothing more expensive then a cheap German used car.

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Which is why I asked him for concrete examples. The idea of “a cheap E30 or C36” seems hypothetical at best and downright fantasy if we’re being honest.

It’s under the “Buy/Finance” sub so it seems to be in the right place :man_shrugging:t4:

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