Business PG Lease - Does US Bank report to Personal Credit


Does anyone have experience with US Bank leases for a company car doing PG? Does it report on the personal side?

As an FYI (do not take my word for it as things can change)
I’ve done BMWFS and GMFS through the company as a PG and they did not report to my personal side.

Any other banks that don’t report on the personal side? Would be nice to compile a list.

Thanks for any input.

I can say from personal experience that us bank does when you’re a pg for a financed vehicle. Can’t personally speak to a lease though.

GM financial and Ally are the only ones I have experience with PG and they don’t report to Personal. Not sure about other captives…but I heard Ford also do not report with PG but not sure.

Curious question, do Business leases also qualify for same money factor and incentives as consumers? Obviously residual stays the same, right ?

Yes in my experience with GMF they were the same. Essentially, business lease with PG same as buying in personal credit if business does not have substantial revenues $$ or history then they have to use strength of personal credit and PG to support the business lease. For e.g. I believe MBFS will only extend credit under business name if your revenues are minimum of $5 million and above in order for them to consider business lease without PG and strictly under business name.

My first lease with LFS was under business and it was reported to CB/CR. However app appears to have me listed as co-signer rather than PG.

USBank doesn’t do business lease w/ personal guarantor involved

Thank you for this data point.