Buick encore 39mth/10k lease suggestion

Hi Hackrs - would like to know how the following offer sounds for 2018 Encore Essence (FWD).
Term - 39 / 10K
from the buick site:
Total Vehicle and Options
$29,495 + Destination Freight Charge: $995
Total Vehicle Price - $30,490
Total Cash Allowance[s] -$4,500

I have 3 mth lease pull ahead and therefore, the below price has accounted for it.

I am not sure about what MF or APR was used

The lease quote for the above is $275 zero drive off. Is this a good offer? what will be a reasonable counter offer?

Tell them to do 24 month lease instead. Also, do you really need that trim? Instead get a sport touring trim.

Is $275 a month a quote you got from the dealer? Your incentive amount doesn’t seem right to me. As Mani said, 24 months is the way to go

yes. $275 is the dealer offered price for New 2018 Buick Encore Essence FWD.
They were not very forthcoming about incentives -
I have a 3 mth pull ahead incentive for $1500 and Supplier pricing. They said they added a few more.

I will check with a new dealer and post some numbers.


You can do better than supplier pricing. You need to negotiate below it

I got another quote from a different dealer. I constructed the lease calculator sheet assuming the standard mf and residual for 24 mth/10k.

please take a look at this and let me know whether it looks like a great-good-ok deal.