Buick Enclave Essence Help - numbers not making sense

Ok, I told the dealer that I was looking at the Buick Enclave Essence, I even said that I used the MF and RV and calculated the monthly to be about $360 with zero down but expected it to be lower since I qualify for the GM educator discount.

He sends me back saying that’s not possible and sends me that zero down would be 400 and that I am calculating something wrong.

I asked him straight out what the dealer fee and acquisition fees are, he said dealer fee is 75 plus 104.50 for titling, and acquisition is 650. He said he included the GM discount but I dont know if that is true.

This is his calculations sheet
MSRP: 43775
Discount: 6656.61
Rebate: 2500
Adjusted Price: 34619.39

Total Purchase: 34619.39

Trade Difference: 34619.39
Taxable Fees (estimated): 66.50
Dealer Service Charge: 179.50
Tax: 166.82
Non Tax Fees: 177.00
Net Price: 35903.21

Balance: 35903.21

Cash Down $0, 36 months = $400
Cash Down: $388, 36 months = $388
Cash Down: $500, 36 months = $385

I dont understand why the calculator is so off, I have tried other cars and MF and Residuals and the leasehacker calculator is always under than what these dealerships are saying.

Did the dealer tell you what rv/mf they’re using?

where is the $35775 selling price in your calculator coming from?

You’re 100% not leasing an Enclave at 18% off unless it’s offset by massive dealer adds. Can you get a dealer sheet or a screen shot of the desking to clarify?

Something is way off with your numbers. We went through a similar exercise in your other thread:

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Their website is where I did my calculations from


I’m not sure what you’re trying to show me on that site.

Where I got the msrp and selling price from

This is the same dealership I talked to about the Acadia and the dealer suggested the buick so I said sure send me the numbers.

In regards to the “discount”, they’re showing you what you want to see IMO.

Can you share a copy of the calc so I don’t have to spend the time entering all of this in.

Why aren’t you using the selling price from your offer sheet when trying to calculate if their offer makes sense?

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I had calculated prior to receiving the sheet

Please just click the “share link” button under the memo column so we can manipulate the numbers instead of having to re-enter everything from a screenshot


Sorry I had shared earlier.

Here you go.

10.8% discount is good on new, I’d be content with that.

So update with your new numbers. Dealer website advertised sales prices are basically useless. They almost always include some combination of incentives that no one actually ever qualifies for. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some combination of incentives being applied here as well to get you to that 18% number.

Back to my earlier question; did the dealer tell you what rv/mf they’re using in their offer?

He confirmed he was using the MF and RV that I stated which I got from edmunds.

Where did you get 39050 for your selling price?

I imagine he adjusted to match the payment based on the rest of the values.

The only way the $400/mo makes sense is if the rv/mf are incorrect or if they’re hiding fees elsewhere.

That’s what I’m thinking, I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

So what do I say or do to make him go down in price? Do I just call him out and say that the numbers don’t make sense.