Budget of $300 a month

Does anyone have any advice on the most car I can get for $300 a month? I currently have a civic that the lease is ending soon, and I have the option to upgrade to a new one obviously. I have about $1500 in GM card points, but my first choice, the Camaro, isn’t leasing well at all. I see others are posting good deals on BMW’s, but I don’t have the extra cash to throw down on MSD’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!

Are we assuming you want a sports car like a Camaro? Give us a little more help with what type of car you are looking for.

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What state are you in? That will make a difference in tax paid.

Your best bet is to stack that GM card cash with GM’s $2000 - GM Competitive Lease Private Offer. Not all models qualify for it, but some do. Did you get a $750 top off offer? Some cardholders did. Might want to login to your earnings account and see. It will be at the top of the page highlighted.

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If the GM card points don’t expire and you can use them later, people have been talking about good deals on other RWD sporty sedans like the Charger and 300

They have a 10 year window. Once year 11 hits, year 1 expires.
I tried getting the new v6 Camaro, it’s worlds ahead of the charger, but the residuals are around D 51% and the money factors are stuck at .00149

Buick Regal? Sport Touring AWD trim if the GS is too much

If you can get a car from Colorado the Chrysler 300 is the best lease right now with the platninum going for 266 and the S model for 300. 35 and 42k respectively.

If you have a budget, then you should factor everything into your decision: total lease costs including maintenance, disposition etc, insurance, gas, and also washes/detailing (suvs cost more).

I just lease a 36K subaru outback instead of a 34K prius…despite having double the mpg, turns out the insurance savings more than offset the gas savings (at least at today’s prices!).

I can’t imagine a camaro is one of the cheaper cars to insure!

As someone who doles out financial advice for a living, if you are cash strapped, get the cheapest lease you can…I mean under 200…or even better, try and find a good used car.

My budget is including all of that. I’m set on just getting a civic again for around 250-260, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything on the table by bumping the payment up to 300, and missing out on deals like the BMW’s and Infiniti’s that people are reporting. I’m not maxing out my budget I just know where I’m comfortable and I set it at that.

The Regal has a lot of lease cash right now and you can use your points.

@adamcar do you know the Regal’s MF/RV? I couldn’t find it on Edmunds…

I also didn’t find anything on the regal. No mention of lease cash or updates on Edmund’s since September 16

months 24 27 36 39 42 48

rv 55 53 48 47 45 42

MF .00077 .00062 .00187

36 and 39 months is your best combo of rv and mf.

Lease cash of $2,400 with possible regional additional lease cash depending on your home address zip.

Hello, I have been reading the forum for last 6 months. I am in the market for an entry level luxury car my budget is $300 and I need a 24month / 12k miles lease. I’ve seen some smokin’ deals here like $45+k infinities q50 for $300 or bmw 3 or MB c class. I’m trying to get the most car for the money, also I have a chevy lease and have a paid of honda if that helps (conquest or something). Which model would be the best bet for now? I do think that I should probably wait for memorial day weekend sale, because the deals can only get better? Also, end of June will be end of Q2 and then we have 4th of July weekend. What are your thoughts? Any help will be appriciated. Thanks.

I would say your 6 months of reading have paid off. You’re right on the money when it comes to Q50. Doable entry luxury at 300.

End of June, unless they extend the deals until the end of fourth of July (many companies probably will)

Any specific trim on the Q50 to get to $300?

I’ve seen good deals on the signature and the premium. I would go for the signature.

I’ve done my homework and found out mf and rv on edmunds for q50, c-class and 3series. I also found cars (msrp) I’m interested in and I’ve done reverse engineering:

it is for 24m/12k miles
mf and rv:
q50 - 0.00003 and 58%
c class - 0.00121 and 65%
3 series - 0.00150 and 67%

q50 - msrp ~ $47k - I need to get at least $13k off to be where I want to be
c class - msrp ~ $48k - I need to get at least $12k off
3 series - msrp ~ $48k - I need to get at least $11.5k off

which of these look the most possible? and where can I find out all the incentives for these three?

Point blank, those are very unrealistic selling prices. Maaaaaybe you can find a demo 3 series discounted for that much but not a new one. The Infiniti you might be able to find at 11k off but not 13k from what I’ve seen.