Budget $600 a month for SUV

My Audi A4 lease is ending. It’s too small and now I have a 2nd child. DH and I share our only car, he’s tall so we need something that will fit an infant car seat, rear facing and forward facing convertible car seats. I am looking for 36 months 10k miles. We liked the Acura RDX ASpec because we’re used to a faster drive. I got a quote from a dealer but I don’t think it’s very good. Based on this forum, I reached out to a Volvo too. I’d like to stay away from Audi, BMW, Mercedes. Any thoughts? Thanks!

You’re missing a bunch of fees and such from your calculator.

Your best bet is to step back briefly from looking at specific vehicles and spend some time with the leasing 101 section, building up what is needed to make a strong lease. You’ll need those tools to determine what you can actually get for your dollar.

Id take an xc60 over an rdx any day of the week. You should be able to do much better than $600/mo on either.


I just got a Mazda CX-9 grand touring for an effective 350/m with 350 DAS. XC90 is also a great deal. With either you would get a great car for below budget


The Lexus Rx350 will do the job and is frequently on sale. You can get the F sport model if you like more responsiveness in the drive train.

What you’re looking for I think is longitudinal space, ie the ability to move the front seats back and still have space behind for a RF infant seat which will be replaced in roughly a year for a RF convertible seat.

You’ll probably find that a large sedan like an Accord has more such space than a midsize SUV such as an RDX.


I left those fees out to keep my OTD price of only the monthly payment. Things I know for sure are the msrp, the sales price, the mf and the residual.

I’ll probably get the baby a rear facing convertible in a few months tbh. I don’t want a long car bc we drive to downtown dc a decent amount and parking can be tight.

We got rid of our wife’s RDX, I’m 6’3 and with the rear facing car seat behind me my knees are painfully in the dash. (Her X5 is marginally better but still snug).

I cross shopped the XC90/X3 and wound up picking the CX9. For a family hauler the interior quality is great, it has a way, way bigger cargo space than something like the RX350 (which is worst in class) and the 3rd row is small but fold it flat and it’s a roomy 2 row with an emergency jumper seat if your kids get a little older and you need to haul a friend.

It seems weird cross shopping a Mazda but the X3 M40i at the time was leasing at nearly 2x the price and just wasn’t 2x the car.

Thank you for the response. My husband is 6feet r even (tall next to me, haha) We don’t lug much and really don’t think a third row is necessary. Any other thoughts?

I would recommend the XC60 as the others have said. Suggest you test drive then check out the brokers they are one of the best deals.

XC90/60 for sure. I’m 5’ 11 and fit nicely in a S60, XC40, XC60, and XC90, so I don’t see why you’d have any issues.

What’s your geographical region, if you want an EV, I might be able to help with an E Tron, I know their numbers pretty well and depending on local incentives, it could be below 500 a month, 600 is easy especially with loyalty and lease return.

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Not sure you’ll notice the ~3% longer exterior length every time you park but a tall driver with a RF seat behind will notice the missing ~3 inches of leg room every single time he or she drives.


XC is pretty much your best bet, especially car per dollar nothing beats them.
Maybe a V90CC if wagon is your thing, I’d go with it anytime any day over an XC90 if I don’t need a 3rd row.

Thanks, I’ve test driven the XC but it was so expensive (they were rolling in our Audi lease) that it was over 800$. I’ll have to drive it again.

Volvo quoted me $723! For the XC60.

That’s, a really wrong calculator. Dealer fee, gov fee, rv, MF, msrp couldn’t possibly be 50k even, selling price, and max markup on MF. Like that msrp is $10 more than a base t5 fwd mom with metallic paint. 2% discount is lower than my self esteem.

Walk, like an hour ago. What’s your geographic location? A wagon might be better target with current incentives.

Use the tools you can learn here to figure out what it should cost with a good deal rather than asking the dealers what they want you to pay them.

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Great deals on the Jeep Grand Cherokee this month. Or a Wrangler, if your into that. For $600 the thing would be full out loaded.

Maybe a broker could help you. Try reaching out to one from the forum!!

I’m pretty bad at this, I won’t lie, I can’t figure out the calculator to save my life even though I have the information from the salesperson. I hate negotiating this stuff.