Buck leased with ACAR, do we need to buy the lease out to sell it? Sales tax?

My sisters lease is up, Carvana and Carmax offered similar numbers she has around 5k in equity. My question is with her Buick leased through ACAR does she need to purchase the vehicle to sell it off to them? I ask because then she would be on the hook for Michigan 6% sales tax as that isn’t included in the lease end buyout price correct? Whereas just handing it off we wouldn’t? Also are we going to have to wait a while on the title?

Do I have those right?

Thanks for any help my apologies for the ignorance!

Why not call ACAR and get it from the horse’s mouth rather than internet strangers?

GM financial does not allow 3rd party buyouts, so yes you’d need to buy it before you can sell it, which means paying tax.

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Thank you for the reply, yes I figured that was the case.

But if it were not, such as with my Lexus, would I still be on the hook for sales tax if I were to hand it off to one of the online companies? Good to know for future reference…

If a dealer buys the lease out directly from the lessor, no sales tax is due.

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For reference over the last 18 months we have seen quite a few companies that previously allowed 3rd party buyouts end that practice on very short notice.

The point being a company can allow it today and not tomorrow. Yes, Toyota & Lexus currently still allow it.


Got it thank you!

I was wondering who Buck was…


After 3 pints, the i was there. I swear!

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