Brokers - How did you get your start?

For those of you that are brokers, I’m curious how you got into this line of work. Would love to hear the stories.

I honestly had never thought about someone acting as a broker for leases before. Intriguing idea. I love living in the numbers and working deals and I’ve worked them for family and friends before. Just curious how you all slid into the business - part time, full time, etc.

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It’s basically being really good at what you do, with a mix of skills ranging from problem solving, math, knowing the secondary market, conveying information in an easily digestible format, and simply loving to help people.

alot of the skills take some time to develop( re: Malcolm gladwells 10k hours rule), but many of them are somewhat innate.

Building enough relationships (dealer, bank reps, clients) along with an in depth understanding of a veritable sea of leasing programs, along with the capacity to develop repoirte quickly with new prospects (again dealers, reps, to clients) will be required to make the venture bare justifiable fruit.

May seem daunting, but after 5 years in the car industry I’m contemplating independent brokering, if the possibility of operator management or ownership do not present themselves in the near future. Those last two things obviously will take a lot of ass kissing and politics I have little tolerance for or skill at.

One mans opinion. Hope it helps!

Ps…apologies on punctuation. Small iPhone etc