Brokers gone wild?

I’m trying to figure out where in that process the OP figured out where the dealer was. Doesn’t say in the screenshots. If the credit app had the dealer name, then why in the world would you fill it out and submit it if it was too far away? I also have to ask, however, why the hell a dealer is running a credit app on a car they don’t even have? Lastly, if broker fee is expected just for exchange of information, then why not collect before handing over info to the dealer? That’s what I would do. I wouldn’t want to risk my dealer connection by handing them a flake. Getting payment before submitting the person ensures they are serious. So, personally, I see mistakes made by all parties involved. Just my uninvolved opinion, of course.


He is asking for his broker fee for setting up the deal. It would be a different case if they had went back and forth on a car and Mike said he can’t do the deal but asks for a broker fee. Here, he filled out credit app, had everything setup, and the only thing left was to pick up the car. Please correct me if I am mistaken but I would have to side with him and say he owes the fee.


This is lh :rofl:, expect the worst. All these moves I have seen from people here to save pennies on the dollar. Should really have a cheapest person thread.


OP would highlight that thread.

But no, I don’t expect the worst. 99% of my customers here are people I have met in person, and they’re very pleasant people who enjoy not spending 4 hours at a dealership. I give people the benefit of the doubt.

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In many states, you do not need a signed written contract for an agreement to be enforceable. I do not know if that is the case here.

Writing this is just not smart. It could easily be interpreted badly. To be clear, I am not saying the broker shouldn’t be paid. If he did what he promised to do, he should be paid his fee. But it would be better to make that point without threatening-sounding language.


It’s fine. I don’t care. i have hundreds of positive reviews here. my customers are very happy with my service. one guy who didn’t want to pay $400 isn’t going to do anything. and on these, i collect my money at delivery, b/c i’m required to do the delivery (despite not getting paid by this dealer). everyone has always paid in good faith. there are three dozen leafs buzzing around our area and a couple in florida after Q1…

i would again just point out that OP skated a broker fee on a $100/month lease deal on an SL+. karma does exist in the world.


Maybe you didn’t intend to reply to me, but I am taking no stance on whether it is due or not. I merely suggest that, if it were me and I wanted to ensure payment for connecting 2 parties, I will collect payment before handing over all the info.

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Unfortunately, this is just part of the car business that sucks. I would probably be able to buy a very nice 911 if I was paid commissions on deals over the course of my career where another dealer closer to the client matched my price after we agreed to a deal and did some paperwork. Nothing is truly done until the tires are over the curb and the contract is cashed.


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Are the screenshots out of order or something? At what point was the offer to switch SV+ to SL+ made?

Except if you’re a phone number salesman on this platform and you get paid after credit is run and then you couldn’t give two shits if the car rolls or not.

Even if theft occurred here, which I’m not convinced it has, mob shakedown tactics would still not be appropriate for any business.

This fact trumps all others for me, and I believe reporting this fact to the forum was appropriate.


late in the evening - we started locating more SL+s and the price difference was around 25 bucks a month on a 24 month lease, so like $600. the next morning, I just didn’t feel comfortable having my store go through with it so i told them we wouldn’t be doing the deal.

You are making a big assumption here. I took it to mean he’d send it to a legit collections agency. Don’t know why anyone should assume anything nefarious.

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you don’t think that given that i know the sales manager at the dealer where he snaked my numbers to, i wouldn’t just call ahead and have the car in question held for one of my deals and the client is left with nothing at the end of the day, which is what he truly deserved for acting like he did? what “mob shakedown tactics” are you talking about?

at the end of the day, this customer deserved to be left with nothing for acting the way he did. totally fine if he takes my numbers and goes to his local deal and has them match or beat it and saves himself $400. i’m sure a ton of people here do that to the phone number salesmen. i don’t think you need to agree to a deal, send over materials and submit a credit app that gets processed though.

Because phrasing matters, and in legal issues it matters a lot. The way it was phrased wasn’t the cleanest way of going about it. On the other hand considering the timing and the overall situation, can’t say I can blame someone for phrasing it the way it was.

quite an assumption to call it mob shakedown lol.

That was my opinion based on what you said, as a completely external party. If you disagree with my opinion, I suggest making your threats to your customers more clear in the future.


All good. I was just trying to get paid for the service I provided. Just like I’m sure you try to get paid for any services you render.

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