Broker upcharge?

Can a broker make monthly payments more expensive than what the dealer is willing to lease for and pocket the difference? Also is there a way for me to lease the car myself from a broker at a good rate then turn around and go on something like swapalease and lease it to someone else for the average without having to pay the insurance on the car still pocket the difference.

Yes, Yes, but you have to pay insurance while you have possession.

But if im just transfering my lease how can I structure it so i can charge a higher monthly payment

Just charge an extra downpayment of your choice


Of course, this is an option, but do you know of way to create a lease for someone else where i can pocket the difference of a new monthly payment

Only one that carries that type of arrangement (often referred to as a birddog) with their store(s).

You most often will see this with brokers who don’t charge the client directly for their services. You’re still paying, it’s just written into the backend.

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I know you are a busy person but I’m intrigued by this topic could we by chance talk about this over the phone? It may lead to a customer for you (current lease ending next month)!

Shoot us a PM and we can arrange a time.

just sent excited to talk!

Are you asking if you can set up a lease transfer such that every month you get a payout?


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Sounds like hes going to make his company pay more and pocket the diff on a lease

IDK what the angle is honestly since any stipend would (or should) theoretically stop upon transfer of the lease.

I doubt the dealer could do it but the only idea that comes to mind is dealer adding negative equity and cutting you a check for it. Effectively raising monthly payment and you get the cash.

Let’s say the dealer is willing to sell a car for $30000.

Instead, they’ll charge $31,500 and give the $500 to broker. Or Jack up the MF enough to give broker some profit from there?

Either way….this post sounding kinda fishy

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Just trying to see if there is a way to raise the payments to the avg market lease price from deals provided by brokers that are below what people will pay, and try to pocket the rest upon origination of the lease.

Definitely not the case, im in college if i had a company car i don’t think id have time for this

not trying to do either of these things,
Was looking to see if there was a way to resell a lease to someone willing to lease a car at the going market rate and at origination of the lease mark it up and pocket the monthly difference

As discretionary income shrinks, that will reduce what people are willing to pay.

One thing I’ve noticed is that certain brands have balanced lease vs finance cost to be nearly congruent making the lease product mostly attractive to those who would frequently change cars anyway (non LH’ers) and are often brand loyal.

I believe this to be the case as well,
although if you look at the average monthly payment of the bmw 228 vs your rates you can see there is a discrepancy. This is just a quick example, although this is the type of discrepancy I want to take advantage of.

That’s a gamble, brother. Especially in a declining market.

I’ve leased and transferred a great deal many cars over the last few years and only a couple of them actually made money enough to call it money.

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