Broker recommendation for upstate NY


Hi Leasehackr community,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a broker that operates in upstate area? I’ve reached out to a few that had NY tagged in their posts, but their focus is mainly on NYC and NJ. I’m in Rochester/Buffalo area and due to work right now can’t travel to pick up that far away. My lease is ending this month and the quotes I’ve gotten from local dealers are ok, but not the best and that’s after a lot of back and forth.


I too would be interested… In the Syracuse area.

I assume you tried @nyclife and @aronchi. If those two can’t help, you could also try @benedetto as he’s indicated he’s virtually nationwide.

Keep in mind, upstate NY isn’t the most competitive market, so you’re most likely not going to see the deals found in higher populated, more competitive markets like NYC, DMV or California. If you’re willing to travel to ultimately get a car, you’ll most likely do better.

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