Broker behavior

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Broker Behavior:
seek your advice regarding a dilemma I’m facing with a broker from this forum. Despite his gentlemanly behavior, I am uncertain if he genuinely intends to help me. Here’s a brief overview of the situation: I found a car and contacted the broker on Wednesday, July 3rd. We exchanged emails throughout the day, decided on the car and broker fees, and finalized everything by Friday. Since Saturday, I have been requesting the payment link. On Sunday morning, I finally received it and promptly paid. The broker assured me that the deal was set, and the dealer would contact me ASAP. However, it has been over 48 hours, and I have not heard from the dealer, nor has the broker provided any updates, beside one text that he will follow up with the dealer , :upside_down_face: It feels as though he is avoiding me, which is particularly frustrating given that the car is in stock and I am ready to proceed immediately. This experience is causing more headache than convenience. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to handle this situation.

Thank you for your assistance.

I feel like this thread is going to spawn another dumpster fire where brokers show screenshots from their phone, and LH users will not be impressed.


I do have all the communication email and screen shots

48 hours is not a long time in broker world. Send a gentle reminder and hope for the best. You mentioned he was a gentleman, so that omits the one notorious grouch on here. I’m sure you’re fine.


Has it been 48 hours since Sunday morning?


I mean, just my opinion, but it was the weekend, most dealers are closed on Sundays and it’s literally the next business day. I don’t see what the problem is here in my view. I don’t work 24/7 and don’t expect others to as well.


Did you try following up with the broker?


Lots of people at dealerships are on vacation, many are short handed due to that and the holiday. Just be patient and ask them for an update. I usually have quick turnarounds but this last week has been slower than usual. It’s possible the broker is themself waiting for the dealer to lock it up.


The positives and negatives of your experience belong in Seller Reviews

IDK so many people censor themselves

It’s up to sellers to set expectations and then meet/exceed them. If the dealer is not going to contact this broker’s customers on the first business day then the broker should set expectations accordingly.

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Plus the CDK outage may still be slowing things down. Just spitballing…


If all of this (initial contact to finalizing a deal) took place starting on or after July 2nd I wouldn’t be too worried yet. Holidays throw everything off, then a weekend. Maybe just ask for an update if you don’t hear anything by mid afternoon today.

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