Broken links & stuff

I’ve tried to reach the forum via my usual method (i.e. from the homepage) for a few days and consistently gotten an error message

PS homepage should have a contact link

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Yes,definitely this. I couldn’t access via that usual link forever either. It was only through some notification link in an email that I was able to access the forums once again.

I imagine quite a large portion of the user-base has been eliminated because of this…

their site is just coming back online, probably need to wait a couple of hours for the cache to warm up for the non https:// links to start working again is all.

Oh, so the forum site was down (not just broken links)?

Again, this sort of thing deserves a homepage mention

well its back up now :slight_smile:


Micheal actually posted updates on Facebook of all places.

The link is still broken…

the mobile link is broken. on a mobile device, add https:// to the front of the URL.