Brand new to the forum! Questions about my possible first leased car!

How much would all that change if I had a co signer

I leased my first car with a co-signer when I was 19. 2017 Lexus RC350 F-Sport (53k MSRP). A year later I leased a car fully under my name for my Mom, it was just a little A3.

Its definitely possible, you just have to show at least some sort of income. However, I do reside in California where leasing is a lot more widespread than in other parts of the country, from what I’ve learned.

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If they are highly qualified then you are good. If they are like you then no difference.

You do not want to make a down payment on a lease. Read these forums carefully. Your insurance on a new Audi is going to be sky high. You need to realize that a vehicle is a tool and that there are way more expenses in life than transportation. Even if you could lease, it makes no sense to spend all your money on it.

Just my $.02.


maybe @RVguy can chime in…he knows a lot from the lender side

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Without any lines of credit on your file you’ll get auto bumped to the worst tier at all captives, if they decide to lease to you at all.

US Bank won’t touch you either so no need to worry about dealing with their turn in process.

It makes no financial sense any way you look at it. Do what 99% of 19 year olds do and pick up a used car in the 3-7 year range and build up a solid credit profile. In 3-4 years, if you don’t mess up your credit along the way, you’ll be able to lease the 2022MY A4 with the best tier MF.


Even if you somehow could get an Audi lease with no credit, the cost of insurance would be insane due to your age, driving record, and location.

This recent thread is pretty relevant: Need some help with insurance

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Does Aldi still give their management trainees Audi A4s?

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@Quentin, I know it’s prob not the answer you were looking for but @RVguy makes a lot of sense. Go get another used 5 series like you had before or something you can live with while you build capital and credit. It’s the smart thing to do. You even made money on your last car, why not do that a couple of times and make some money in the process? Depending on your state, there are a certain number of times you can buy/sell cars per year without a dealer license.

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Yeah, it’s a real bummer to be driving a used 5 series at 19 with zero credit history and an $8/hour job :thinking:


Looked it up. No more A4, the new company car is an A3. Something to work towards?

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In Florida with your age and 100/300/50(which audi requires on a lease) insurance will easily cost you at least $300 a month… and lets say you lease a A4 for $450 a month thats $750 a month minus gas cost and maintenance… can you afford it?

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I know in Illinois they do

Yea FL is brutal with insurance cost…not just car insurance!

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Damn. Well I’m going to look at a used 2009 Audi A4 tomorrow. It’s going for $6,999. It would be nice to get the out the door price anywhere between $6,500-6,800.

My insurance on my last car was $170 a month on a BMW so hopefully the 09 Audi would be in that range

Smart move. (20 chars)

@Quentin your last insurance wasn’t in FL though , was it? Why don’t you try to get an insurance quote first?

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Get insurance quotes before making any decisions. The cost of insurance anywhere in Florida will be substantially higher than central Illinois.

You can get the VIN number of a car you’re looking at from the dealer’s website and use that for an accurate insurance quote.

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Right, ours doubled when moving to Florida… Hurricanes.

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The harsh reality of your situation is you simply don’t make enough to buy or lease an Audi A4 (or any new car). Making (close to) minimum wage you should get the idea of “dying to get a nicer car” out of your head ASAP. A car for you should be seen only as a tool (necessary evil), not as a status symbol or anything like that. Even if you can get a cosigner you cannot afford this car! Like others have stated buy a cheap used Civic or Corolla and use it to get to/from work.

I suggest you check out Reddit /r/personalfinance and /r/frugal and focus on saving and increasing wealth - not leasing expensive cars.


Kids today!!! :grinning:

But seriously someone making $20K a year and leasing a new car, let alone an Audi just isn’t realistic. Using the $750/mo mentioned above, add another $100 for gas and maintenance and that’s $10K a year. In other words you will spend 50% of your gross income on a car.

Think of it like this…every $10,000 you spend on a car could potentially be worth $215,000 in 40 years, if you invest it in an index mutual fund that has returned 8% a year historically.

$215K in 40 years vs 1 year of driving an A4? I know which I would choose.

That’s not to say nobody should ever drive a nice car. But only do so when you’ve taken care of everything else first.