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Thank you Mike at @Bostoncarconcierge for getting me a great deal on a Jaguar E-Pace R-dynamic HSE. Extremely professional and very easy to work with!

12k/39 months
493 per month including MA sales tax
2300 due at signing.


This beauty is ALL thanks to the hardest working broker on the planet!!! A.K.A Mike @Bostoncarconcierge.

All-Around an amazing person to work with. Extremely responsive, great follow through and was able to find a unicorn of a deal for my wife!!!
Very thankful…

2018 Discovery Sport HSE (loaner w/ 5k miles)
Exterior: Firenze red (:fire:)
Interior: Cirrus Windsor sport leather (a beauty!)
39 M
$56k MSRP
$2k Due
$457.62 (including MA tax)


Shoutout to Mike @Bostoncarconcierge for hooking me up with an amazing deal on a 19 4Runner! From the first time we spoke, I knew I had made the right choice. Mike was very responsive and he helped throughout the process which ran smoothly. The deal was so good, we decided to get a 19 Highlander for my wife! Picked up both vehicles yesterday! Thanks again Mike!


Thank you Mike! It was an absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you and your family.

I couldn’t be happier with how smoothly the process went for an out of state deal. I know that can be a real concern before hopping in the car for a long drive.

Love both of these cars and the deal on them. Thanks for trusting me with this, sir!


Thank you to the leasehackr community for a solid February!

We did:
Volvo XC90
Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude
2 Acura MDXs
Toyota Rav 4
Land Rover Discovery Sport on its way to FL!
Toyota Highlander and Toyota 4Runner (those cars got married and went home together)
Subaru WRX STi
Ram Laramie
Range Rover Sport
GMC Acadia
Acura RDX
Land Rover Discovery @mkeefe02 (would love a review/photo upon pickup if you don’t mind sir)
Range Rover Evoque @doubleohalex (would love a review/photo upon pickup if you don’t mind sir)


Hi Folks!

Due to some major upcoming changes in my career (very positive ones), I will exclusively be working with referrals and local (New England, New York, New Jersey) customers moving forward.

While I’d love to be able to support all LH members, I am unable to keep up at the pace I would like. Additionally, I’ve been blown off after spending hours on deals, only for the member to sign a deal local to them (my fault for not requesting a retainer). Overall, I am not able to deliver the level of service I would expect of a broker if my scope is too large, so it only makes sense to limit the number of folks I work with so that I can continue to provide them with a very personalized service.

Thanks for your continued support, business, and camaraderie!



Another tip of the cap to Mike. He helped me out back at the end of October 2018 with a great deal on a LR.

2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE

MSRP: $69,965
Selling Price: $58,898 (discount included employee PIN deal for October on Discovery)
Monthly Payment: $574 (inc. MA tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $2,100 (first payment, fees, taxes, registration)
Months: 33
Annual Mileage: 10,000
Region: Massachusetts

Very easy deal and great to work with. Thanks Mike!

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Thanks Greg!

Still the best deal on a Disco I’ve ever gotten/seen. Far better than the deal I got on my own personal one as well. :slight_smile:

Very nice of you to write, sir! Beyond appreciative that you took the time to do so.


Two weeks ago I started looking for a car to surprise my wife with for her upcoming birthday. I had just found this site and reached out to Mike @Bostoncarconcierge after reading some reviews on here. He offered me many options both at and below my budget. He was honest with what he thought he could do and aggressive with the deals. To say that he made the experience easy is an understatement.

We communicated daily, multiple times a day, and although I dumped question after question and even threw a few wrenches into the deal, he was always patient and eager to make it work. In the end, because of him my wife is going to be so surprised next Friday when she takes delivery of her brand new Range Rover Velar P380. I remember walking into the dealer, looking at this car in the showroom floor and thinking, wow, I can never afford that! Needless to say, thanks to Mike, he got me an amazing deal, one I didn’t even think was possible. Through this whole experience I not only am getting an amazing car, but have gained a lifelong friend! Could not recommend enough.

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#45 is great!


Thank you so much for the kind review, Scott! Such a pleasure to have met you. I know your wife is going to absolutely love this Velar. It is a sensational car. Nothing better than meeting people like you and creating a friendship. Thanks for trusting me in this process!

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Mike was awesome. Very easy to deal with in getting this 2019 Acura MDX loaded for an unbelievable price. Wifey is very happy!! Thanks Mike


Thanks Jim! It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you and work with you, sir. This was one of the fun ones!

I also cannot thank you enough for the referrals!

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I hate that this has to be stated again, but I am in a position where 2 of my most prized dealership contacts may not be able to work with me anymore due to LH members calling them with deals they’ve seen me post on this site.

There is a balance between the amount of detail brokers choose to post about a given car in order to try and avoid this exact situation.

I know @discountsales2020 made mention of this a couple of weeks ago, and to be frank, I’m fired up that we have to continue to make mention of it.

I don’t think people realize (or care but I want to take the high road) that calling these dealerships with the deals we post, outside of our process, can not only damage our business, but also reduce how many great deals we can offer to LH community. @Cody_Carter has noted this multiple times as well.

In this specific example, if you’re willing to pay >$700/month for a car but not a $399 broker fee, I have trouble believing it is due to financial hardship. If you’re scraping by to make a $208/month payment on a new Corolla, I’ll gladly work with you on a reduced broker fee to help you out.

I am sure there will always be people who continue to go this route. For those folks, please know how damaging this is.

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I’d suggest pulling specifics out of your marketplace listings, or using a ratio to change the numbers so you can’t be circumvented. You’ve been on the forum long enough by now that people shouldn’t give you grief about a couple omissions or figures that are slightly off.

And to make this comment relevant since this is “Dealer & Broker Reviews”:
@Bostoncarconcierge has stepped it up in his brokeraging days over the last few months. He’s offered some good East coast deals and has had some great forum contributions. :+1: Can’t stand that @eisenmanm guy, though. :wink:

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Lol! Thank you for the note, sir. Very nice of you to take the time to write. I will take your advice moving forward!


Use a spreadsheet like Cody’s and dont post pictures

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Appreciate the feedback. I don’t think it would work for me. That’s more doable when you’re with a single brand and can manage inventory daily etc…

Good call re pics