🦞 BostonCarConcierge September Toyota Deals for MA Residents-Update 9/15 w Big Price Drops!

Hey Folks-

These deals are for MA Residents only at this time.

As inventory builds back up, I will add trucks. Pricing is reflective of the current state of inventory levels.

All of these are through TFS which means GAP is not included but they can be transferred.
MSDs can be added to any deal with a high enough MF as well.

VIN specific loyalty rebate can be added if applicable (up to $1000)
College grad can be added
Military can be added

These deals are all first payment only at signing and include all taxes and fees for MA

Broker fee: $399


I thought conventional wisdom was that it was better to buy the Rav4 rather than lease. Has that changed?

Definitely the case with the Hybrids*

They are never worth leasing

I have never felt that way about the gas cars. Gas make for a great lease

Do you think the truck inventory will be available to RI residents?

When it builds back up absolutely

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What’s your numbers for a Camry xle awd?

Price drops for MA residents!

RAV4 XLE and Highlander XLE improvements!

All of these deals are first payment only at signing. All taxes and fees included for MA in the column all the way to the right.