🦞 BostonCarConcierge September Jeep/Ram Deals for New England Buyers-Great Laramie Deals w Conquest!

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Update for 9/9: Grand Cherokee Overland

Just got a handful of Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlands for MA buyers.

Best deals are for returning Jeep GC customers as there is $2500 in rebates for that alone.

Msrp $51xxx
$1000 DAS Total
$367 plus tax with returning GC
$450+Tax without

Will be adding more models and trims in the next few days

Loyalty, FR, national realtors can also be applied!

Ram Laramie

These deals are for New England registrations only. MA deals are the easiest.

I currently have 5 of these trucks available in the same build. 2 Granite, 2 White, 1 Black.

We just picked one of these up last week and I am thrilled. As far as loaded crew cabs go, this is the best value on the market.

The deal makes the most sense if you have a GM or Nissan lease in the household.

MSRP $56xxx
36/10K (Plus $18 for 12K0
$2K DAS + Reg

GM or Nissan lease conquest is worth $2K
Regular lease conquest is worth $500 (these can stack)
First Responder is worth $500 (this can stack)
National Realtors Association is worth $500 (this can stack)

Then, Allstate Bonus Drive is worth another $250 rebate check (not included in these prices)

With no rebates-
$446/Month + Tax

If you have GM/Nissan Lease-Subtract $55/Month
If you have any other lease-Subtract $15
If you have first responder-Subtract $15
If you have national realtors-Subtract $15

Example for a MA resident if you have a GM lease in the household and any other type of lease-
$2K DAS and $405/Month w Tax

Broker Fee is $399

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 7.51.12 PM

*Please read window sticker for exact specs of truck. The above is the one we grabbed.

When this gets opened up to other those tundra deals will look way less appealing


I hate to knock the Tundra but as someone who has driven 3 GMs, a Tundra, and now a Ram in the past 5 years, it’s hard not to think of the Tundra as a dinosaur.

The Tundra has a great engine, huge seats (if you need them) and large backseat, but it’s archaic.

Chevy crew cabs generally don’t lease well in my region
The Ram is by far the best leasing crew at the moment. The amount of tech and options this truck comes with at this price tag, assuming you qualify for the big $2000 rebate, is tremendous. It also has a beautiful ride.

I was very pleased to move to this from the Tundra for slightly more.

These deals will exclusively be for New England residents.

Been telling your for months Dodge is taking over in several segments and the tech is unmatched by any manufacture.

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You’re right
I’m wrong
You’re smart
I’m dumb

But it’s true you have been saying that and I’m a believer now!

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I will not argue the Toyota will hold its value longer but in a lease it’s pointless. These trucks blow the Tundra away…many will point to cost but to me it’s worth it.

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I now completely agree with that.

I reallly don’t like Mopar cars but I’m a believer on the trucks now.

I accept your apology now load up my jag wag.

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What about a 2020 Gladiator? Negotiated a decent sell price but the dealer presented me with an Allied lease 3 yr. offer that was 8.1% and really low residual. Even he said it sucked.

Will have some Gladiators and Wranglers in a few days but I wanted to get these posted as I believe these are the most compelling offers

This is a really good deal on a VERY nice truck. If you haven’t looked at the inside of one of these lately, I suggest you stop in and check them out. Hopefully we will have a real Tundra re-design soon to compete with all the new tech from every other manufacturer. I want a Tundra next! But I have two more years to go. :slight_smile:

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I was really surprised at the tech! It’s more than any car I have ever owned!

For us idiots who don’t know everything about the cars could you clarify what tech it is that impresses? I saw you can get that massive 12" screen but besides that I’m curious what things like Tundras lack that this has. I saw opening tailgate, which at first I would think seems kind of weak, but I use it all the time on my wife’s Equinox. Walk inside with hands full and just hit the remote after.

Does Infiniti count as a Nissan lease for the big rebate?


Northeast BC Nissan Conquest Bonus Cash (NECL2K)

Manufacturer Offers

This program offers current owners or lessees of Nissan brand vehicles a Cash Allowance applied toward the retail purchase (Type Sale 1 or B) or lease (Type Sale L or E) of eligible vehicles to residents of the states and counties listed in the BUSINESS CENTER BOUNDARIES section.

  • Conquest Offer : $2,000 cash back on select 2020 RAM 1500

Offer only valid 8/19/2020 through 9/30/2020

Applies to select new 2020 Ram 1500. See Trims


  • Customers who currently own or are leasing a Nissan brand vehicle and enter into a new purchase or lease of an eligible model are eligible to participate. Customers are not required to trade in / turn in their Nissan brand vehicle to be eligible for participation. This program is NOT compatible with any Returning Lessee or Owner Loyalty programs. This program IS compatible with the Employee Purchase or Certain Designated Individuals programs. Offers for qualified buyers only. See dealer for details. Offer information and data is provided by a third-party source. Contact Dealer for any program details, rules or Incentive Questions. Dealer.com assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.
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PenFed has RAM listed also. For discount. Not sure if it applies to leases

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Update for 9/9:

Just got a handful of Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlands for MA buyers.

Best deals are for returning Jeep GC customers as there is $2500 in rebates for that alone.

Msrp $51xxx
$1000 DAS Total
$367 plus tax with returning GC
$450+Tax without

Will be adding more models and trims in the next few days

Any chance to get deal like this for my relative NJ resident?Currently have GM lease. Please let me know.
Very motivated.
Thank You

Not through me right now I’m sorry

There is a Ram broker for tri state on the site though!

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