BostonCarConcierge Range Rover Full Size (12.5%)! Best Deals in 🇺🇸 (maybe) on Jaguar I PACE

Thank you!

The full size is an insane deal. I really hope that goes, but I know it’s a big payment.

The Velar is an extraordinary deal for a new car.

The i-Pace deals are the best I have seen on that car. They’re actually selling rather quick.

Is it possible to get a similar deal in AZ or SoCal?

Not sure my friend. I am the BAWSTAHN car concierge.


May have a typo in the last I Pace monthly at the top thread :slight_smile:

LOL thanks man. Corrected

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$5629+tax for the new iPace? :slight_smile:

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LOL its fixed its fixed

Of course - any time !

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That ipace deal :stuck_out_tongue: what a beauty

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I guess for me I’m so used to getting sub 1% leases tax included with 0 DAS, that when people say “great deal” when they are above that, I’m scratching my head. It’s not hard to get these deals if you really work on them. Yes your deal might be better than what an average person pays, but it’s not a lease hack deal imho

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You really don’t know what you’re talking about lol


1% rule is very general and its very dependent on the make and model. Every manufacturer has different leasing programs which can make deals very easy to come by or very difficult. But to directly say 0 DAS is the way to go, it is very dependent on how you structure the deal. Most people roll in the acq/dealer/reg/title fees into the monthly and just pay first month at signing or you can pay everything up front and reduce your monthly payments but it generally nets out the same.

Obviously when you talk to the average joe, all they know about is monthly payment and don’t talk about what was paid at signing/msd etc…

You’re right. No idea. I just know what my payments are :slight_smile:

I’m not focused on 0 DAS. I’m just looking at that as a function of the deal this broker is advertising. It’s an ok deal. It’s better than most will get. Far from an amazing deal that can be gotten.

What are you basing that on though? Are you comparing apples to apples as in same make/model or using it as a reference point to like a bmw… cause they are very difficult leasing programs.

From a purely financial standpoint, one can make an argument that depending on the underlying nuts and bolts of the lease, it may actually make more sense to pay more upfront and not make it zero down. If your lease payments (good or bad) are made up of high MF you’d be better off dollars wise actually paying the upfronts, upfront.

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Or if you expect to extend your lease or if your captive has a pull ahead program like Lexus :slight_smile:

It was a pleasure discussing this. I wish everyone who is taking advantage of this offer the best of luck. Cheers

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Take care! Have a good night.

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I think we killed the thread, sorry @Bostoncarconcierge

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