BostonCarConcierge November Range Rovers- Update 11/14: 2020 Velar P380 HSE R, Disco HSE Lux, and Full Size RR Added!

That white RR looks stunning. I’m so tempted lol. Any SVRs available (I can dream can’t I?)

Haha nothing to get hackers excited!

You do some good work man. I was looking at that exact Velar pictured above and they quoted me about $100 per month higher than the payment reflected above on the same terms. Won’t ask how but good stuff haha.

Very kind of you to say. Thank you so much!

New Deal for 11/13!

White on Black P340s w gorgeous grey wheels.

MSRP $70xxx
$2500 Plus Reg

Any State but CA
Broker Fee $499


Beautiful Byron Blue! Looks at these wheels. hubba hubba

$709/Month + Tax
DAS: $2500 + Reg

Broker fee $499



If you can help me do the 3 month pull-ahead on my XJ, I can take one of your Velars.

Update 11/14

LH is starting to make me a little sad. I expected this crew to be interested in some British/Indian goodness. I expected folks would want to command the road, perhaps park on a few snowbanks at Target during winter in their new LRs.

I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

2019 Discovery HSE LUX Demo ( < 3000 Miles)
MSRP $74xxx
White on Vintage Tan (Best Color)
$2500 + Reg


2020 Velar P380 HSE R-Dynamic
Demo-1500 Miles or So
MSRP $86xxx
$2500 + Reg

2019 Range Rover BIG BOY HSE
V6 Engine
White on Almond/Espresso
MSRP $104K
3500 Miles (Demo)
39 Months/10K
$1235/Month + Tax

Broker Fee: $499

Deal. Lets do it.

I want the sport supercharger.
I wrote you a private message but your not responding

It’s only been a few hours and you sent me three PMs in a row my friend.

I have another buyer who is currently pending on that car with a deposit.

I will let you know what happens. Thanks.

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But you didn’t give me a chance to give you a deposit and you didn’t send me an app.

We bit on one of your RR deals. Couldn’t have been happier with the deal.

Will be leasing a full size from you next year when our lease on another RR is up.

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Based on @Bostoncarconcierge’s response, it seems like someone else beat you to the punch on that car. Why would he let you put down a deposit or submit a credit app if someone else is already in the process of buying the car you are asking about?

I’m sure if the positions were reversed, you wouldn’t want the car sold out from under you either.

I understand. However @Bostoncarconcierge sent me a message saying that I needed an application and deposit and I responded asking for the paperwork so I could fill it out and send deposit. I don’t know how after a few hours of not responding to me someone else was able to obtain an application and send payment when to me there was no response. Just bummed because I did respond and I wanted the car. All good though. Thanks.

For only $150 a month more you can get the full size RR a few posts up :+1:

After you PMd me, I reached out to my dealer contact to confirm availability, and he let me know one of their sales people took a deposit on it.

I’d like to sell all of their cars :slight_smile:

But the reality is, any car that’s posted, is not broker exclusive. Any sales rep can sell it.

People place deposits on cars and don’t follow through often. Especially cars in this class. I’ll keep you in the loop. I’d like to sell it!

Can you send me more information on the the Dark Gray P340s? Interested!

Happy to w a retainer.

Feel free to PM me thanks

is this a 2019 or 2020? p340s gray with 22 inch black wheels

Hey Man!

Theyre all 19s aside from the one called out as a 20.