🦞 BostonCarConcierge May Jeep Orders for New England - 392s 4% Under Invoice w Free Delivery! Hellcats $3K off!

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Just a touch over 90

The $4K add is a tough pill to swallow but it definitely helps w resale

Probably don’t get all of it back but I’d say most of it


Damn Sarge Green XR 392 should be a keeper

Having had the 392 and the BRaptor (thanks @Bostoncarconcierge!) the 392 has the sweetest rumble and rev of the two. A blast to drive. A glorious sound at startup and all the summer fun of a wrangler.

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What exactly are you getting at?

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Gotta pad the bar mitzvah fund…


New England only

Shaker 392 Chally

$3000 off sticker

$58xxx build


Seeing one of these in the same color in my neck of the woods in Central MA.

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Love F8 green

This is also much more livable than a Hellcat


Love the Shaker Hood too!

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Any deals for existing GC 4xe inventory in MA? Dealers in Boston area seem completely uninterested in playing ball.

I only have 23s left that are discounted but not being given away

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TY Mike, sending a PM.

This is absolutely me being whiny because people are showing off great deals but… I don’t know how or why these dealers are willing to let old inventory rot especially with the credit market so volatile!


Totally get it my friend

We only have 23s left

But to your point, some dealers are sitting on a lot of heavy 22s right now and I suspect it’ll be final pay for them if things don’t change

My guys are smarter than that!


Thanks for posting the picture. Making things easier for new immigrants! Though not qualified for the deal, really appreciate the thoughtfulness!