🦞 BostonCarConcierge June BMW-Updated 6/17


This deal is open for New England buyers, Florida buyers (ship or drive), and if not sold by Tuesday, NY buyers as well.

12% off a brand new X3M (non-comp) SOLD

MSRP $80xxx
PM or Email @ bostoncarconcierge@gmail.com if you’re serious and want the options.

First, Fees, MSDS

$599 Broker ---- Not many of these left

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 7.54.52 AM

Please see OP for all deals


This X3///M is GORGEOUS in Red!

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I think it would make a great company car for you to supplement the Taco…


You should really throw in the first speeding ticket too. I mean you’re selling a red :rocket:.



I hope you’re enjoying the new X3M40!

I heard one startup this morning while grabbing coffee and it sounded fantastic

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Amazing as always!!

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Hope you and the family are doing great, sir!

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Great thank you, best wishes to you and your family too Mikey.

What an amazing color for this year!

Update for 9/23

I just received access to a handful of brand new 2020 745e hybrid X Drives!

Loyalty is $3K on these and the deals are spectacular.

Check it out! ANY STATE BUT CA as long as you know registration could take 3-4 weeks AFTER signing. No complaining and cant say i didnt warn you*** It’s all up to the state and the registry services.

I have these specd from 100K to 115K.
When using the calculator----
They are 12% off MSRP
Then, 9000 off of the discounted price, in the sale price field (flagship)
3000 in loyalty (in the incentives section)

$649 Broker Fee

Save the extra $1 and get yourself a Mcdonalds any size coffee for that first drive home.

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Tempting to buy and flip a beater BMW or Mini to qualify for the incentives.

Reminder for New England Clients!

I am now offering 10% off pre rebates and base MF on ALL in stock AND BUILDS

2 Series
3 Series and m340
5 Series
X1, X2
X3 and X3m40i
X5 and m50
X7 and m50

These deals are for New England registrations meaning, buyers in MA, RI, ME, NH, VT, CT.

Broker fee is between $399 (2, X1, X2) and $499 (all other models).

When reaching out please PM or email the following:

Terms Needed
Timeframe to Close
Rebates you qualify for



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Thursday Special

X3M40i In Stock Unit
Carbon Black w Cognac Vernasca
MSRP: $63xxx
HK Stereo
and More

Without loyalty or Corp, subtract $750 from incentives

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 9.47.50 AM


This is basically my exact build and it’s the best car I’ve ever owned. Someone should jump on this ASAP!

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Wow! That’s one bombed out X3M40

Great deals man!

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I have some at 67 as well but this is really a great build IMO

Has the right stuff but not too much!



Build sheet added for M8 comp Coupé

GMs Demo M8 Competition Coupe

MSRP: $152xxx
21% off and buy rate pre rebates

Any state but CA or Texas for this one.


That color on the M8 is awesome. I wish there were grand coupe deals like this.