🦞 BostonCarConcierge July Audi Update 7/11 - Super deals on Q5e (545+Tax!), Q8 E Tron, E Tron GT! Added discount

Update 6/13

Going 12.5% off pre rebates w 20bps and ceramic on Q4 etrons

Will post calculators tonight

Hello - any Q4 Sportback e-Trons available? Looking for a premium plus+ or prestige with ideally optic black option. Preferably in white exterior or black.

Where are you based?

New Jersey 07024

Hello, do you currently have any good A4 deals or something in that price range? I’m based in Boston 02148.

Yes for sure

11-12% off - just depends on your goals

Thanks, do you have specific numbers you can share or send to me?

Depends on car / msrp / terms my man

Email me everything you’re looking for and your budget please


SQ8 still available?

Deals no one is doing

All deals include 20bps and ceramic

12% pre rebates on a Q5e (stupid Payment)
$2500 at signing for first and fees
35 addtl payments of $565+Tax!!

13% off q8 e tron (one car deal)

$2500 at signing for first and fees
35 addtl payments of $689/month + Tax

13% off a5 sportback (one car deal)

14% off e tron GT prestige

$2625 at signing for first and fees
23 addtl payments of $859/month + Tax

$600 broker fee on all except for e tron GT at $750

MA preferred
New England is good (some states tax rebates)



Excellent deals!
Question on EV credit I was under the impression that PHEV credit is half of the max credit $7500, if that’s the case shouldn’t you put $3750 for Q5e in calculator?

On the lease it’s $7500 w no income restrictions

All cars now discounted an additional 1% aside from the E Tron GT!

Use the calcs from the link below and add 1% to the discount.

Insanely good pricing on the Q5E!!