🦞 BostonCarConcierge Feb Volvo Deals for MA and NH - February Deals - Update 2/22 - GORGEOUS Demo S60 Recharge!

Can you stack A-Plan and V-Pin?

Please email me the specifics of what you’re looking for thanks much

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Any XC60 plug in hybrid? What is % off MSRP typically if you have any. Thanks!

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MA or NH only. Only MA and NH.

$52xxx XC40 Ultimate Demo
w Polestar
4000-4500 miles on it

19% off Pre Rebates w Buy Rate

$2500 @ Signing for first and fees
$399/Month + Tax w Costco, Loyalty, and A Plan
Remove $1000 from incentives if no costco
Remove $1000 from incentives if no loyalty
Remove $500 from incentives if no a plan

Broker fee is $650 - This deal is :fire:

What color?

Pretty sure it’s impossible for an XC60 Ultimate to be that cheap?

I think from the title update it’s an XC40 Ultimate, which should be right around $52k with everything added to it.

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You would be correct! My apologies it was a typo

Thank you my error!

Whoever gets that deal is a lucky duck! Very attractive

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XC40 is pending thx!

Need an app and deposit before 645!

MA and NH Only

Front drive S60
White Blond
Former loaner

$2000 total at signing
$365/month + Tax

Save $30/month w loyalty
Save $30:month w Costco
Save $15/month w A Plan

$290/month + Tax if you have it all

$599 broker fee

Text for this one asap



Anything in the works for Volvo in November?

Also looking … xc90

Same here XC90


BEST Volvo deals in New England for these units I have 2 2024 XC90 T8 Plus Recharge (plug in hybrids) with insane payments for MA or NH residents. Must have a Volvo lease return to qualify (pullahead is 6 months).

9% off pre rebates w 20bps added to rate

24/10 $2500 at signing for first and fees and only $639/month + Tax w Loyalty and Costco!. Broker fee is addtl to the numbers above ($600). A Plan can be added as well.

At this pricing I have 1 white 7 pass and 1 black 6 pass for now.

76-77K msrp

MA and NH only

Must have a volvo lease return

These will move super quick


Any deals for no lease return, but with Costco and Affinity D-pin?

Which state

02118, MA

Yes of course

Email me w what you’re looking for and I’ll get back to you tomorrow