🦞 BostonCarConcierge Feb Volvo Deals for MA and NH - February Deals - Update 2/22 - GORGEOUS Demo S60 Recharge!

My bad lol I didn’t know if it all applied directly to the lease. Thanks!

All good!

Encouraged me to add it to the sheet

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You are such a tease!


I really wanted that wagon deal to work

I guess the need for good deals is in my DNA haha

Got too ahead of myself

Anyone know if the TEACHER discount is a national thing? I’m only seeing first responders and medical professionals on my local volvo dealers’ websites in Arizona.

Further, any idea what “type” of teachers are included? My wife teaches a foreign language to adults and has pay stubs from the company, but it’s not like a typical classroom setting in middle school or whatever…

I hear Volvo is being very very flexible w the rebates

Also happy to shop you one!

My man @Fgonzal2 has shipped two to NM and has a shipper he likes!

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WTF Costco is not including S60?..

Any XC90 R-designs?

Don’t get so angry w me

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For number 14 I could make something happen

PM me w specifics

Of course, they are being flexible. We are entering a depression and it will be very hard to move metal for a long period of time. These rebates are designed to move cars and fast, and hey, if you can build some goodwill at the same time, why not?

I totally agree achi

They really are doing the right now and are building future brand loyalty for sure!

Where is the love for non-wagon/SUV’s…Daddy needs a cool car.

There are great XC90 deals on the sheet

I think it’s just so unique to have great wagon deals so we’re pushing them :slight_smile:

And the incentives are wild

maybe not the place to ask, but what are the requirements for healthcare worker? Any change my wife’s paycheck from J&J would count? I didn’t even consider it before, but someone mentioned it to me so I thought I’d ask. She is actually working on a covid project, interestingly enough.

To be honest it seems to be incredibly loose

I work in healthcare tech and have helped a number of people who have shown paystubs

What is “paystub”? lol

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You’re sarcastic 99.456% of the time so I can’t tell if you are this time


You mean they are loose awarding the rebate? How is one able to find out before going too far with a deal?

If I could get costco and healthcare on that denim/weave v60, there be no way I’d pass it up. Of course, it is a loaner, so I guess that wouldn’t happen anyway. :frowning: