🇸🇪 BostonCarConcierge December Volvo Deals! Update 12/12: 2020 V6CC Wagon 36/10 $2500 + Reg only $379 + Tax

Hey Folks!

Update 12/12:

Alright wagon lovers

MSRP $46xxx
White and Blond V60 CC Wagon AWD
$2500 @ Signing + Reg
$379 + Tax

Will ship anywhere but…California.

This is the best V60CC deal I have seen. Doing it out of love for you all.

I do Volvo deals for clients registering in any state aside from CA. For new cars, I can swap in any car/color combo/options you want, as long as it is a 2020 model.

For those interested in the process, here is a document outlining it:

December Spreadsheet - Volvo is doing a first payment waiver which is applied as a rebate.


I guess it’s T6 judging by the MSRP? :slight_smile:
May want to add to the title and description


Yes sir! You would be correct. A lovely car!

Tell me about it lol

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So broke the wife’s rule about brokering while in Aruba? Ha!


LOL! I found a loophole. While our 13 month old naps in the room, I hang with her while wifey stays at the pool. Not bad, right!?


Did you rent a Hyundai Accent there? :smile:

Goodness no. We didnt rent anything ha

Still Available?

Yes it is thanks

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Can loyalty bonus be applied to this vehicle? Any chance to provide a link to the calculator?

We can try for Loyalty. Admittedly, Im not sure if it can pair with Costco. I bet Volvo Corporate star @Ursus knows :slight_smile:

Can be applied with anything, just need to have a Volvo or SAAB within past 6 months.

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Thanks handsome

How was Aruba, tell me :slightly_smiling_face:

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You know it was awesome!

Planning to return next September. Doing Eleuthera this September but loved Aruba.

Excited for your upcoming trip!

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What no 300 a month XC60’s this site has fallen apart haha

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I know you’re dying for one ha

Unreal these brokers are driving four cars while the rest of us starve lol

And be buying a car in a region with loyalty, i.e. no loyalty on S60s in the NE this month (or last month)…

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