🦞 BostonCarConcierge December Honda Ridgeline Sport Blowout! 36/12 $319/Month w Only First and Reg!

For New England Clients Only

All leases are 36/12K (Honda New England does not offer anything lower)

$299 Broker Fee

All leases are First and Reg only DAS

All leases assume loyalty or conquest. See below for more details
Conquest: Must have in household---------2009 or newer Toyota, Scion, Nissan, Hyundai, KIa, Subaru, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, Mazda, VW"

Passport (Assumes $1000 conquest or loyalty-add $28 to the monthly without)
Sport $292 +Tax
EXL $349 + Tax
Touring $399 + Tax

CRV (Assumes $500 conquest or loyalty-add $14 to the monthly without)
EX $285 + Tax
EXL $315 + Tax

Pilot (Much better since last month)
EX $359 + Tax
EXL $375 + Tax - Sweet Spot
Touring $425 + Tax

Thats all for now


This looks great! Looking forward to seeing deals for other models.

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Thank you! Just added Pilots as well.

You are evil. I just put a new set of BF GoodRich Tires on our 2017 Pilot Touring. We’ve got 35,000 miles on it from December 2017. You know I want a new one because the LED Headlights are far superior to the crummy Halogens I have.

lol! I thought we were cool!

It’s the key, isnt it…

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Are you the key master?


Any numbers for HRV

You’re still looking for a car!? It’s been a long hunt!

That’s a really good deal on the Passport Sport! I’ve looked into those in my area, but can’t get close to that price.

Thank you very much!

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Nice pricing Mike! I like the variety of vehicle lines you are working with.:+1:

Thank you for the kind words sir!

November isn’t looking great so have to be scrappy to find some good deals :slight_smile:

Hope you’re loving the Tundra

My wife’s SUV lease is up next summer and I look forward to all our options!

…and yes the Tundra is awesome!

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Thanks for the diversity! Been looking into Passports, but I’m not in New England. Why can’t we play too?

It’s just dealer policy. They don’t have the infrastructure to do out of region deals.

Lack of temp tags in MA kills a good % of potential business for me :slight_smile:

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Does Acura count as loyalty for Honda?

Yep sure does

Riddle me this, does Honda allow MSDs? The MF is awful with the Passport this month.

They sure don’t

Rats. Oh well. I’m basically resigning myself to grabbing a Toyota from you in the spring! You’ve been my benchmark. Thanks for your contributions to the forum.