BostonCarConcierge August (New England) Honda Deals - Killer CRV Deals Just Added! 36/12 EX-$309 w Tax and $335 for EXL!

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For New England Customers Only

Free delivery to any New England state after signing in house

More Honda numbers to come this week. Here’s my favorite thus far:

Accord Sport 1.5T Auto
First and Plates DAS

Additional Savings for Recent Grad and Loyalty

$299 Broker Fee

how much for an Accord Touring 1.5 for 36/15k? NY taxes 11010 and currently have 2 honda’s (if there’s any loyalty incentive)

I believe there is a 750$ incentive towards accord if you have a 2009 or newer honda.

Sorry my friend

New England only.

I currently live in MA, but would be registering to my NY address.

I’m sorry they will only reg to New England zips

Registering in MA has a lower tax rate if you have the ability to do it

Don’t know if NY has excise tax like Ma?

Got it, thanks for the response! I don’t want to register in MA because of crazy insurance quotes.

Totally understood

I shop around once a year and landed with MAPFRE/Commerce this year

Travelers last year

Amica the year before lol

Just for fun?

Civic Type R Touring Hatchback
Sonic Grey Pearl

MA resident
All taxes and fees included
Only First DAS

@HondaSoCal :slight_smile:

Open to all New England customers

Honestly I have no idea if this is interesting

$399 Broker Fee

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For that car (Type R) thats a pretty good deal. Niche cars like that one for a buyer who is only looking for that type of car (and the Golf R, STi etc) cant be compared to the usual BMW lovefest deals we all adore!

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ohhhhhhh fapfapfapfapfap :smiley:

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Somone will enjoy this but 589 for a Honda Civic is insane.


what’s the selling price on the Type R? maybe i’ll trade my SI daily in and start dailying this.

a “Type R” civic. I think the type r part should not be left out.

It’s still a Honda Civic, type r, srt, si, gt…I don’t care what you put ya the end

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sounds like the type to judge a car from the name

I’m a Honda guy, had several with over 400 to wheels…there out of there mind if they think factory turbo hatch with a body kit is worth this money.

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I bought my Type R brand new december 2017 for MSRP. I bought it out of state and last week i took it in for warranty work to my local dealer and was offered my purchase price for it.

The way these hold their value on top of the almost $600 payment for a $35k car makes it surreal that they even offer it as a lease.

Though have nothing negative to say about the car it is my second favorite in my fleet after my performante, and actually my favorite to track , my skill level makes the performante more scary then fun on the track, at least for now.

agreed, that’s why i’m curious to see if the lease payment is at MSRP or was discounted. would rather buy it! a finance payment won’t be too far off from the lease.

Not a huge discount on this one