🦞 BostonCarConcierge August BMW...Update 8/18: Loaner X1 Deal - Any New England Buyers Interested at 17% off?

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Update 8/18:

Any New England buyers interested in a really well built X1 loaner at 17% off and base MF?

There’s $500 in lease cash. $1000 in loyalty. $750 in conquest.

So with loyalty and MSD, the calc looks like this on a $44xxx MSRP

Update 8/10:

This car can go to anyone in New England. Will open to other states if not sold by Wednesday

2020 BMW X7 40i Loaner
Very good build
MSRP $81xxx
$752+Tax w Upfronts and MSDs (assuming Loyalty or Corporate)

Cold Weather
Park Assist


Any 330xi with premium package?

My friend-

You’ve asked me this 10+ times through various channels :slight_smile:

I promise if I get one you’ll be the first person I tell


Sorry about that

Quite alright

I promise I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


@Bostoncarconcierge Bostoncarconcierge, Sent a PM, thank you!

Why do people feel the need to write a post letting people know they Sent a PM? Are they not ware the person they sent the PM to will get a notification?


how common is the ambient lighting in 2020 loaners? debating whether I could live with white. Hoping I can snag a blue/black with ambient lighting from you sometime this summer.

Do you have any 330xi with premium package? Asking for a friend.


Ya know I’m not sure - maybe 50%-60% of those I see have it?

Tough to say!

lmao its funny cause ive seen you ask this before hahaha

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Is this available to snowbirds that are currently in MA right now but have a FL License?

It’s all about where it’s registered

These are for folks who are registering in a New England state

Good to know. Thanks for the info.

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Hey Folks,

Spreadsheet is just starting.

All deals must be signed in New England.

Update 7/13:
2020 BMW 330xi @16% off–New England Only
MSRP: $48xxx
Med Blue/Beige
Heated Seats and Wheel
Live Cockpit

First and Fees
$334/Month + Tax w MSDs assuming Loyalty or Corporate

Update 7/13:
2020 BMW 530x @16% off–Any State but CA
MSRP: $64xxx
Mineral White/Black Dakota
Heated Seats and Wheel
Drivers Assist Plus

First and Fees
$448/Month + Tax w MSDs assuming Loyalty or Corporate

2020 BMW 330xi @ 17.5% — New England Only
Mineral White/Beige
Heated Seats and Wheel
Drivers Assist Package
Ambient Lighting

First and Fees
$304+Tax w MSDs Assuming Loyalty or Corporate

Broker Fee $499

2020 330xi @ 16% ---- New England Only
MSRP $46xxx
Heated Seats and Wheel
Drivers Assist

First and Fees
$319+Tax w MSDs Assuming Loyalty or Corporate

Any 330xi loaners available in Boston?

Of course

All of them my friend

Thanks for the quick response. Is there a list of current models I can see somewhere? I see a few in this discussion topic above but not sure if there are others available as well

For this month that is all so far

Hoping more to come closer to end of month but inventory is a challenge at the moment and only want to bring deals > 16% off to the forum

Sent you a PM. Is the blue 330xi still available?