Bolt size thoughts

So my lease on my volt is up and I hadn’t really considered the Bolt until I saw the incentives this month. I stopped by the show room to take a look and it might be too small. Anyone else thinking it’s just oo small? The Volt feels a lot bigger overall and like a nicer car. The bolt feels very economy/compact.

The rear seat in the Volt is useless for anyone needing to put car seats in The Bolt is acceptable.I regard the Volt as a 2 + 2, full size humans cannot fit.

The outward sight lines in the Volt are really bad, the Bolt, not too bad.

But that trunk is kinda crazy small on the bolt. The Volt at lease felt like a normal looking car.

I am not a fan of the volts design either, visibility is super poor.

It must be me then. I just need to get use to the style of I am going to get a bolt. I like an electric car and as nice as the Tesla 3 is, I can justify the premium. I can get a bolt with a similar msrp for $250/mo. Tesla 3 is double.

Where are you getting a bolt for 250/mo?

I’ll tell you once the deal is done.

Is it state specific?

not sure, 8500 for premiere and 2500 dealer cash

I’ve had my Bolt in central NY for 3 years-lease up this April. Great car, 33K miles, not one problem. Plenty of space, headroom, seats fold flat, large hatch opening. Very quick, good summer range. Get it with the DC fast charger. Looking for another good lease deal on this same car.

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I saw the thread title for this thread and thought we were going to get into some hot talk about fine vs coarse thread pitches.

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Not that it really matters since you can’t get a Volt anymore, but I have a booster and full size front facing seat in the Volt, and both myself and my wife can drive with no issues. I’d say we’re both average height. It’s not great back there but the kids fit fine without any complaints. Rear facing would be an entirely different ballgame, and I would definitely not recommend that.

Love my Bolt! It’s super roomy and I carry big stuff all the time, even fit 8 foot lumber inside!