Bolt lease NorCal. How am I doing? $353/mo 0drive off

Got two quotes from NorCal dealers:

0 drive off 333/mo(not sure if tax is included) 12k 36mo


0 drive off 353/mo(San Jose tax included)

Got purchase numbers from ChevyPhil, but that’s the only place that’s not gotten back to me.

At 0APR/60mo the bolts go for ~$31k due to loosing all discounts, which I’m not too hot about.

What do you guys think? Should I pull the trigger? I have landcruiser that’s costing me ~$400 in gas so I was thinking about taking that off the family’s daily driver list and only using it for excursions to the redwoods or Yosemite.

Need a lot more info. MSRP and sales price? Model?

You need to confirm with both dealers if tax is included or not

Have you looked at the lease transfers section? Some shorter terms with better payments you could just take over.