Bolt EV or Kona EV?

I just reached both the dealerships of Chevy and Hyundai last week. They both said they have Bolt EV and Kona EV in stock. The sales man in Hyundai asked for $35650+$5000 market adjustment. On the other hand, the sales man in Chevy asked for $38435.

Here are my concerns, first of all, I needed to wait Chevy to replace a new battery on the Bolt EV, but I don’t need to wait if I decided to purchase the Kona EV. Second of all, I thought the Bolt EV is still eligible for Federal tax credit, which is not. And the Kona EV still eligible for Federal tax credit now.

Are these good deals in the Bay Area? Should I just get the Kona EV instead of Bolt EV?


  1. Bolt is out of the question. No federal tax credit and resale value of the nameplate in the toilet due to numerous issues.

  2. Buy a Kona or Niro if you find one for sticker or order one.


  1. Lease a Nissan Leaf.

Kona, hands down!

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$5k for market adjutment? WOW. I haven’t been keeping up but that’s crazy. I remember getting my Kona 2021 last year for 5% off plus Fed and NJ EV credits (12.5k)

good ol days…


Thanks, I was thinking to lease a leaf as well.

18m lease on a Leaf are really good right now

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what kind of leaf lease deal are you getting?

It depends on where you are but East coast it’s less than $100/month + TTL

@S11 search/browse the LH marketplace section.

I am living in the Bay Area of west coast,and Iwas looking for a leaf to lease 6 weeks ago. They gave me the offer 3000 down and $206 per month (10k/24m)

It is roughly $310 per month, not as cheap as east coast.

where we can find?

You’ve been told before not to bump up old dead threads with outdated information.