Bolt EV one pay lease in SoCal

I am in socal and was contacting diff dealerships since ethan was sold out and came upon this quote.

I let them know I have CVAP, costco, and gm supplier code
No current lease
First one is fully loaded Premier
Second one is just LT with DCFC
They have a fully loaded LT as well and price will be between these two.
But the price on fully loaded Premier seems too good to be true!
Hackrs please help me

These actually look a little high compared to what @ethanrs has been offering, although I’m not sure of incentive breakdowns as I haven’t been paying that much attention. I just recall seeing a few with drive offs before CVAP that started with a 6.

the price with 6 is with current lease. In my case I have to add $1500 on top of that because I don’t have any lease

I think those needed a lease in the household. Those discount %'s certainly look solid at the absolute worst.

Too bad you don’t have conquest/loyalty, discount looks good(10%). I wouldn’t mess around or it might be gone, just double check the numbers in the calculator. I’d get the Premier

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The guru is here! I was originally looking at LT w/ DCFC just for value then saw fully loaded LT is only $1k more MSRP so was looking at those. Then the fully loaded premier’s price looks too good to pass up here!

I was able to find your IP and determine where you are located in Socal, going to the dealership right now to sign both. Thanks :rofl:

Btw, why haven’t you signed this yet? People are scavenging for these Bolts, I’d get a move on it


Does the Premier come with DCFC?

yes DCFC is a must for me

No real reason to hold off here, everything looks good on the sheets and you’re getting between 10 and 11% off. Only thing you could have improved was having a lease in the household. At those numbers I’d find it hard not to splurge for the leather, 360 camera, etc but that’s just me.

If the Premier doesn’t have DCFC and you plan to drive it long distance…get the LT.

premier does have DCFC sorry if it sounded confusing

At 44k msrp it’s gotta have DCFC I think.

It’s a bit of a drive but once I sign I’ll def share the info here!

I made my parents drive 2 hours to get a Bolt in New Jersey without them ever seeing the car or test driving and better yet even needing a car haha :slight_smile:

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Regardless of your payment, the dealer discount is about 5K, which is good. However, I have done 6 Bolt EV premier in October, the smallest dealer discount was more than 5500. That says, the first quote is not too good to be true.

Different market, tough to compare @songshan311 but surprisingly Texas is a tougher market but I guess less are driving electric and a smaller car in Texas :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing. Was that socal? guess I missed that train…
all the other dealers in the region don’t even come close to this number.
I think this number is close to ethan’s. That’s why I asked here to verify everything looked.

Oh, yes, that is true. I think it is a good deal, but definitely not in the category of ‘too good to be true’.

No, all my deals were done in TX, different market.
We only have GM lease cash and Costco in rebate if no current lease in household.
And a $2500 post sale rebate.