Bolt EV Lease Bay Area. 10k 36/mo as low as $245/mo plus tax w/ $3,300 drive off (net $0 with cvrp and PG&E) @ChevyPhil 415-596-6262



I’m going to try posting deals again, PLEASE contact me directly for this deal. Don’t bring it to someone at my dealership or bring it up if your working with someone, just contact me and we’ll work it out. If your out of my area please come see me, it takes a lot of extra work to do what I do and I don’t do it to give you leverage with your local dealer.

We need to move bolts since it’s the end of days for chevy EV deals with the end of the tax credit looming overhead and we don’t know how it will affect leasing.
Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to set an appointment to finalize a deal while I can guarantee this pricing. (once we hit our quota or get too far off track to hit it, then my managers are less aggressive)

2019 Bolt EV deal (improved seats over 2018)
Bolt EV LT without the DC fast charger
MSRP $37,495

Yes, I’ve seen all the add specials and I wouldn’t post this if this wasn’t a lower total cost. If you want to go $5,995 down (plus tax and fee’s of $1,600 for a total of $7,600 down then of course the monthly will be low)

(There is a lot of misinformation and clever advertising out there. Advertisements don’t include tax, title, and license in the “down payment” and they may include rebates you might not qualify for. I try to make it simple to understand and very transparent. My drive off amounts include all upfront tax and fee’s)

I try to make things as transparent as possible so I’ve listed pricing for each scenario so you can find what applies to you.

36/mo 10k miles
(add $11/mo or $400 for 12k) (add $31 or $1,100 for 15k)

$3,300 drive off is Net $0 down if you qualify for after purchase rebates
$2,500 cvrp, $800 from PG&E (cvrp state rebate has an income restriction, PGE is for PGE customers)

Prices based on what you qualify for
All payments are plus monthly tax
drive off amounts include all upfront tax and fee’s

without a lease and without supplier code (without either)
$3,300 drive off $279/mo plus tax.
$0 drive off $377/mo plus tax

with a lease or supplier code (If you only have one or the other)
$3,300 drive off. $264/mo plus tax.
$0 drive off $362/mo plus tax

with a lease and supplier code (with both)
$3,300 drive off $245/mo plus tax
$0 drive off $342/mo plus tax

All prices include $3,750 in Chevy rebates. Extra $500 for a current lease ($4,250 with lease)
This is with the lowest MF possible this month .00180. With Credit 700 plus

The deal is on a base LT without options.
For dc fast charger add $9/mo
For All options on a LT (dcfc, comfort, conf 1&2) add $40/mo
For Premier model add $100/mo

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


For those of you that don’t know me or how I do business, here is what a few other LH members had to say.

I contacted @ChevyPhil on Saturday and Sunday I signed the lease.
All details worked out over text/email, when I came to the dealership there were no surprises
and everyone were very professional.

@ChevyPhil is real, no bullshit, answers promptly with the important details numbers.
Not your regular “come over and we’ll talk” or “all you should care is the monthly payment”
like some of the other dealers I contacted.

I bugged @ChevyPhil to let me know when the bonus tag vehicles would hit and (safely)
raced down to San Jose to take advantage of the deal as soon as the manager at the dealer
tagged the cars. Highly recommend dealing with him, straight up and friendly guy…"

@ anonymous
Just got off the phone with @ChevyPhil
Very nice and ethical salesman. Told me where to get the best deal and didn’t try to convince me to come to his dealership.
I would recommend giving him a call if you have questions
a neighboring dealer has the best deal. I’ll be picking up the volt tomorrow

Talked to Phil, he gave me some really good insights on purchasing a 2017 Volt and got me a killer
price on one of the cars in his inventory, 2017 Volt LT in Heather Gray Metallic w/ Comfort Package + leather
seats. Amazing guy who actually knows his cars - didn’t try to upsell me on anything, just explained what was
available. Went in around 8:30pm, walked out the door around 11pm with my Volt! Would highly recommend for
anyone who’s planning to lease or buy a car near the Bay Area. Thanks man :slight_smile:

@tdt17Aug 3
I got this exact deal with Phil 3 weeks ago. fast process and no haggling and they even included the car pool lane stickers. Very happy with the service with Phil and the overall experience with Capitol Chevy.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

A big thanks to Phil! My bolt lease deal was just as he posted in this forum. No surprises and easy transaction. :+1:t5:

Just drove back home with a Bolt LT from Phil. He was super easy to work with, and as everyone else on this forum has mentioned, the deal was exactly what we had discussed over email. Highly recommended

Leased a 2017 Bolt EV from @ChevyPhil this weekend. Phil and his manager Armando Arteaga are very easy to work with and quick to respond to your questions. The deal was same as posted on the LH form, no surprises or hidden fees. They did not try to up-sell anything. I’d recommend contacting them if you are in the market for anything Chevy .

Sent one of my employees your way I guess you sold them a Bolt over the weekend and they were very happy with the deal!

one of those went to the guy I sent your way? (Jignesh) (Yes it idid!)

@ChevyPhil leased my wife a 2018 Chevy Volt LT. It wasn’t as sweet of a deal as what people were seeing in March, but he made every effort to use every rebate possible. I won’t publish the deal here since what applies to us won’t necessarily apply to you. However, I will say it was very easy to deal with Phil. It was no nonsense. I told him what deals I had seen and what I had already been offered. Phil came back with the best deal he could give us. We took it. When we sat down with the finance manager, the deal presented by Phil was exactly what was on contract. No up-selling, no nonsense, and no time wasted.

Thanks @ChevyPhil.

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


My reputation has always been built on transparency, honestly, knowledge of my field, and customer experience. Those are the things I pride myself on. While I don’t get paid on commission, I do get bonuses and my customer surveys are the most important thing for my bonuses. Not only do most of my customers give me 100%, but sometimes they leave some great feedback! I’d like to share some of them here with you guys to hopefully give people an idea of what kind of experience I try to provide every time.


Isnt Fremont still cheaper?


No they’re $159/mo with $5995 down with dcfc. My dealership special is $139/mo without dcfc with $5995 down. Both deals are plus drive off.
Dcfc is only a $9/mo option so our add special is lower and I’m doing a bit below that. I’m providing all the details up front and all-inclusive, even showing differences for what you qualify for. Hopefully, people will respect the fact that I provided all this and come see me instead of having another dealer try to match my deal. I meet some great people and smart customers on this site and usually have quick easy deals.

At the end of the day we all sell these ev’s at a managed loss based on how much we get back for hitting out volume numbers, So they can afford to match my deals and I can match theirs.

The value I bring is that I make it easy and transparent from the beginning. I don’t get paid on commission and my managers know I shop around and call my contacts and other dealers to make sure my price is competitive. I provide an easy experience and cut to the chase from the beginning. I offer the lowest mf and most dealer discount that anyone is doing without raising the mf to make up for it. dealers can do any discount on the car if that’s all you focus on and they’ll raise the rate to make up for it. At the end of the day my payment will still be lower or equal.

Sometimes other dealers will tell you what you want to hear to get you in, but to try to get every dollar by switching cars or adding more mf when they change the down payment or any other way to be tricky. I’m know to be honest and up front and I know a lot about these cars to. I’d be happy to help anyone with their EV purchase and match any deal you think might be more aggressive then mine. Please email me to set an appointment.

Email or text are best
Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevy
San Jose C.A.


ok sorry missed the +drive off in their ad


Does the One Pay option go against all the warnings in this forum telling people to never put any money down?


Below option include the wear and tear protection?
with a lease or supplier code (If you only have one or the other)
$3,300 drive off. $269 /mo plus tax.
One pay $12,429
$0 drive off $362/mo plus tax


Putting $$$ down and paying off the lease with a 1 pay are 2 different things.



Do you mind expanding? What is the difference?

For example, a one time payment results in 345.25/mo instead of $377/mo with 0$ drive off. So it seems that if you have the cash to do the one time payment you can save $1100 by the end of the lease. Is it worth it?


@ChevyPhil Is the American Farm bureau discount still a thing ? Are there any Japanese car lease conquests these days ?


There’s a huge difference between cap cost reduction and one pays. When you put money down, the only thing you’re doing is shifting the money to pay it up front. Yeah your payment goes down but you haven’t really impacted the interest. You can put 10k or zero down, the total cost will be the same. So no pros, but a huge con is that if you total the car or get it stolen, NO ONE is reimbursing your down payment. It’s gone for good.

One pays actually buy down the interest rates for leases, so the pro is - you save money over the life of the lease. If you total it or it gets stolen, the captive will prorate the length of the time you had the car and refund you the rest.


@Supakimchee if its stolen, your insurance covers.
if you total it, you get prorated money back from dealership.
get your facts right.


The dealership is paid in full when you lease, gm financial controls the lease. the situation for a electric car is very different then others because the residual value is raised so the payoff is way higher compared to the real world used car value. with all the incentives and tax credits what do you think the used car market is like?
so the difference between real world value and your payoff comes from your one pay amount you’ve paid before gap insurance covers any additional more then what you paid. Usually it’s most if not all of what you paid, so there is a large risk with a one pay of these. It has happened a few times to our customer so i’m not longer speculating, i’m telling you what actually happened.
But i’ve never totaled a car and I hope you don’t either, but you have to decide if its worth the risk for you.


Get YOUR facts straight, your insurance covers both. What I’m trying to convey is the risk versus down payments and one pays.

And no dealer will ever refund you money, that’s the captive or bank. Figures, you’ve been on this site for like an hour.


Thanks for updating with March numbers , do you mind giving a breakdown of the 3300 in drive offs ?


Theres no breakdown or no required drive off for this because it can come out of the factory rebates if you want it to. This is just a random amount I selected because it’s the total of the after purchase rebates for a lease. You can chose any drive off amount you want or take my suggestion.

$3,300 drive off is Net $0 down if you qualify for after purchase rebates
$2,500 cvrp, $800 from PG&E (cvrp state rebate has an income restriction, PGE is for PGE customers)


Thanks for your reply. I do understand the rebates, and also qualify for supplier and lease discount.

So effectively your deal with true 0 DAS is 341 plus taxes per month. ( Total cost of ownership would be 12,276 plus taxes )

Do you do one pay leases at all ?


only 35 payments not 36. First payment comes out of the upfront tax and fee’s, in this case out of the rebates.

Please contact me directly for this deal
Email or text is best
Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevy
San Jose C.A.


In your email please answer these questions and so I can add you to my computer system at work and send you some info.

What is the First name and last name of the person Registering the vehicle?

Phone number?

What city are you in?

Are you working with anyone at Capitol Chevrolet?

When are you looking to finalize your deal?

Have you driven the vehicle yet?

Do you have a Current lease in your household?

Do qualify for supplier pricing? (employer, student, educator, military, or first responder)

Email or text are best
Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.