BOLT EV....any lease numbers yet?

It is Nov 1st, and theoretically some deliveries could happen later this month, and GM Financial usually releases new lease numbers at the beginning of each month. Anyone hear anything yet?

We need Bolt lease numbers - stat!

November numbers are out an the Bolt is not included yet.

Yep…maybe they’ll be updated later this month. 1 Dec for sure.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that they will be decent. After all, GM intends to sell 30,000 of them, and solid leases are key. Hope to get a Leasehackr Long-Term Bolt EV this December! :slight_smile:

It’ll be interesting how much of the federal tax credit they pass on as lease cash…and what the residuals will be. I’m guessing residuals will be similar to the Volt’s. As far as lease cash, GM will earn double the ZEV credits from a Bolt sale compared to a Volt (and almost triple the Volt’s starting in 2018), so I’m hoping they will pass on the full $7,500 tax credit as lease cash. If that happens,even a fully loaded Bolt will probably come in at less than $400/month with minimal down.

I’m afraid anything near the $400 mark is not gonna cut it for most people. Sub $300 or I’ll wait.

I think a barebones Bolt (or just with fast charging) will be closer to $300 or below. All depends on what residuals, MF, and lease cash GM sets for the Bolt. Assuming they are similar to the Volt, I can easily see sub <$300 leases after the national rollout starts.

I think an attractive lease for Bolt needs to be around $200/mon. That’s where Accords/Camrys lease at. $300 will be too high. If GM is smart, they will flood the market before Model 3 comes out.

Agree with wz2016. I would be only interested if it’s $200/mon or less.

Agree - has to low $200’s for the base model.

Considering you can lease an e-Golf SE (and SEL), Volts, Soul EV’s and Fiat EV’s for well less than $200/month, the Bolt needs to somewhat close to those prices. I know the Bolt is a much better car than all of them and has much more range but at the end of the day most frugal buyers are going to choose a $150 (and less)/month Volt (eGolf, etc) lease over a $350/month Bolt and manage with the shorter range of the non-Bolt cars.

Eventually the Bolt lease prices will come down, just like the Volts did. I’m willing to wait. My first Volt lease was over $400 per month in 2011 and my second was $287. Even though I love my Volts I’m not going to pay much over $300/month for any Bolt at this point.

The only number you need to know is that GM just announced cutbacks to Cruze and Cadillac ATS/CTS production since sales are down 20% (Ironically laying off third shift in Michigan and Ohio just as they voted for change).

So Bolt EV may sell and lease at MSRP for the first two hundred early adopters and then by next June, it will be in clearance mode. GM is stupid launching the BOlt in December, a slow car buying month and worse condition for EV. Once reports start trickling in that people are only getting 150 miles per charge (due to cold) and the inevitable minor recall, then the goose will be cooked.

I am not anti GM or anti EV or anti Bolt. But enough of the fumbles, release it and incentivize it aggressively right from the get go.

December is actually one of the biggest months for EV sales due to people wanting to claim the 7500 tax credit.

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No Bolt lease figures in newest info.

Good point, True for buying but Not for leasing. You don’t lease for the federal tax credit directly. When leasing, GM gives you part or all of the lease credit upfront.

As for state rebates, they come whenever applied for. And I pity the fool who will buy a first year Bolt EV at MSRP just to get the tax credit.

So you are right, Buy in December (for tax credit) and lease in January (since sales fall off the cliff).

Just heard the bolt advertised on the radio. Is it actually out?

Like an actual Chevy ad? Or people were just talking about it on the radio?

First Bolts should be arriving at dealerships in CA and OR in late Nov/early Dec. Probably won’t be able to buy one unless you pre-ordered though. The first batch is likely all reserved by people that put down deposits.

Ad saying to come in and check it out

When the i3 just came out, they were asking people to come check it out for 5k down and 600 a month. 1.5 years later, it was $99 with 0 down.

Show me real life proof of a $0 down, $99/month i3 lease. That would mean it is even cheaper than the Spark EV.

Dealers are reporting their initial allotments of Bolts are just about sold out. The i3 was not a game changing car like the Bolt…it was merely another freaky looking sub-100 mile EV that had the option for an underpowered motorcycle engine.