Body Shop Nyc, please help!


If anyone has very good body work knowledge please PM me. Car was involved in an accident, and I think the body shop is ripping me (insurance) off blind, just want to know if my intuitions are right or wrong. If you want to know how much its going to cost please pm me, don’t want it public

Damaged Parts:
Suspension (although I think it just needs an alignment)

Thanks Everyone!

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Is Nassau county ok? What about Edgewater NJ? PM me I know 2 places that were good to me

got it fixed for an astronomical number

hope everyone is ok.

try yelp next time… crap ton of shops in brooklyn… so much competition out here (dominicans, west indians, mexicans, chinese) all cheaper than Manhattan shops

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If you still need it, or for future reference both myself and my family had good luck with Ultra Automotive Center in the Bronx, right near LaSorsa Buick/GMC.

visit the BX near yankees stadium :wink: