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Any positive or constructive reviews are much appreciated.


I haven’t bought a car from you, but you post some amazing deals on really unusual cars and add a ton of value to the community.

Two thumbs up from me. Hope to nab something from you one day.


Haven’t bought a car from Samson but appreciate the deals he posts and knowledge he brings to the forum. :+1:


Another “I haven’t bought from him” comment, however, I have PMed him for information, and he’s provided it quickly, accurately and honestly. I’d gladly do business with him if we were on the same coast.


Samson is a valuable member with a ton of knowledge . I am planning to contact with him when I am back in market for a Bmw.


Also haven’t bought from him (yet) but appreciated his deals and expertise that he has brought to this forum.


Where are you located? I am interested in coming in to test drive a 340i.



Click his screenname…


Glendale, CA. In the office until 5 today.


He was super helpful and honest when I was in the market for a BMW. The deal didn’t pan out (mostly due to my fault) but he’s an asset to helping people navigate leasing; hopefully soon I’ll be in the market for another car and he’ll be the first person I reach out to.

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Got a loaner 530e from him last Christmas. Emailed about two on a Friday in the afternoon and picked up one of them the same evening. I think I spent less than an hour there including the test drive. He also matched my carfax offer for my trade-in.
Very quick, no BS and quick follow-up on my questions afterwards, too.
Definitely on my shortlist as the three leases inspired by LH expire or get “swapaleased”.


I recently closed a deal with @Samson. Please check my thread for more info. Can not recommend enough.

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Samson was awesome to work with. Posted an incredible deal and was incredibly honest and straightforward. No unnecessary back and forth at all. A totally painless car lease experience.

I’ll be sure to contact him for all future BMW leases and definitely will recommend him to my friends and family.

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First deal for me here. Samson was nothing but, straightforward and professional during our entire business. I was an out of state buyer for him and there was at no point any stress involved. The emails and texts were answered in a timely manner and he was personally there to deliver the car to me when I went to them way past his shift. Recommend him wholeheartedly. Demo 540i.

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Samson guided me through the process, not tired by my frequent inquires (I am I want to know last detail person), corrected some of my misunderstanding and prepared this out of state deal well, fulfilling my dream car. I will be back later this year for wife’s car.

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