BMWSamson - SoCal



Any positive or constructive reviews are much appreciated.


I haven’t bought a car from you, but you post some amazing deals on really unusual cars and add a ton of value to the community.

Two thumbs up from me. Hope to nab something from you one day.


Haven’t bought a car from Samson but appreciate the deals he posts and knowledge he brings to the forum. :+1:


Another “I haven’t bought from him” comment, however, I have PMed him for information, and he’s provided it quickly, accurately and honestly. I’d gladly do business with him if we were on the same coast.


Samson is a valuable member with a ton of knowledge . I am planning to contact with him when I am back in market for a Bmw.


Also haven’t bought from him (yet) but appreciated his deals and expertise that he has brought to this forum.


Where are you located? I am interested in coming in to test drive a 340i.



Click his screenname…


Glendale, CA. In the office until 5 today.


He was super helpful and honest when I was in the market for a BMW. The deal didn’t pan out (mostly due to my fault) but he’s an asset to helping people navigate leasing; hopefully soon I’ll be in the market for another car and he’ll be the first person I reach out to.


Got a loaner 530e from him last Christmas. Emailed about two on a Friday in the afternoon and picked up one of them the same evening. I think I spent less than an hour there including the test drive. He also matched my carfax offer for my trade-in.
Very quick, no BS and quick follow-up on my questions afterwards, too.
Definitely on my shortlist as the three leases inspired by LH expire or get “swapaleased”.


I recently closed a deal with @Samson. Please check my thread for more info. Can not recommend enough.


Samson was awesome to work with. Posted an incredible deal and was incredibly honest and straightforward. No unnecessary back and forth at all. A totally painless car lease experience.

I’ll be sure to contact him for all future BMW leases and definitely will recommend him to my friends and family.