BMW's warranty for 330i NJ - buy extended warranty?


Hi all

For NEW car on a lease, Do you happen if the following items are covered by BMW warranty?

Radio/ screen malfunctions
Any malfunction in general

I understand things like oil, break pads are not included.

Should i get an extended warranty anyways? Assuming the price is fair.


You are missing a world of context here.

Are you talking about the original new car warranty or the CPO one or what? If so, how does an extended warranty help here?

An extended warranty extends the time period of coverage, not make the current bumper to bumper cover more stuff.

Depends on the coverage you want. No prices here but from what I’ve seen an extra year of coverage is $2-3000, with 3 extra years of coverage up to $4500 or so, but you have to contact a finance manager to get an actual quote. I personally will NOT own an out of warranty German car. I have roughly $15000 worth of repairs carmax paid all but $450 of as my reasoning.

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Ahh. I should have mentioned that. This is for a New car (lease).

Thank you

Why do you feel you need an extended warranty on a new lease?


I don’t feel like I need one, but wanted to be sure. I mean I’m sure BMW has a great building process, but things happen, maybe even the next day, and wanted to make sure that if the engine fails or even as simple as a radio malfunction would be covered by the manufactures’ warranty.

I find contradictory information in some articles online, so I decided to ask here.


The extended warranty extends how long the warranty lasts. It doesn’t cover extra stuff. Everything you’re worried about is covered by the factory warranty.


Offf. Really op? What conflicting information did you find on-line. I was going to chide you for not googling Bmw extended warranty, but this is far worse.