BMWFS improper lease payment ammount

I have auto pay set up on my 2019 m550xi and recently logged into my FS account to check buyout. What’s weird is my lease payment as per my statement went down by 200 a month I know this is some type of clerical or computer glitch but would this help me get out of a lease with them?

No, this isn’t going to get you out of the lease. It is probably worth calling them and asking them what’s going on though.

It’s a pretty desirable car, depending on your terms it may be worth putting it on Swap A Lease and / or seeing if you have any equity via Carvana, Vroom, etc…

Why would a clerical / math error get you out of a lease? I’m genuinely curious on this.

I’ve checked Carvana I have about 11mo the left and the buyout is about 10k more than the offers on the car. May check swap a lease.

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So I called FS they let me know that I had a $250 credit on my account that if I wanted to I can turn off auto pay and use towards my next months payment. So that was a discrepancy.

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