BMWFS Credit Check Taking Way Tooo Long

Hi all, I found one bmw lease take-over and started the process like one week ago, with the credit application. It was said to complete in 1-2 business days normally. I have very good credit so expect to get approved very quickly.

However, it’s taking more than 4+ business days without any progress.

I’ve been calling several times pushing, but BMWFS seems way too busy lately, they mentioned they were still processing the late June’s assumptions. They also mentioned that if one’s credit isn’t good enough, it usually rejects in just several minutes, and everything looks good on my application.

May I know if there is anything I could do? Or did any hackers had similar situations wanted to share?
Thank you so much forum!

Call them. When I transferred the lease the guy got approved in less than 24 hours

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my approval was within 24 hrs.


BMWFS has been overwhelmed with lease paper work/swaps. I am in the process as well and it took me less than one minute to be approved online to swap but it’s taking a lot longer to approve the transfer (first problem was getting original title from DMV because there was a backlog there according to BMWFS). Then they were called mid week and they reported that they are swamped with all the packages awaiting review and approval. But since calling twice and asked them to expedite the process seemed to work because I got another email reporting the process will be complete in 48hrs (normal working hours). All in all it’s been two weeks going into three this week.

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i’ve done it in 5 business days, started Monday finished on Friday but i paid for expedited shipping (need to have fedex account to bill to). My last transfer has been a while so I can’t comment on current “backlog” but in theory it’s doable fairly quickly if both parties don’t have credit issues, are diligent and you pay for expedited shipping.

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