BMW440i MSRP $60k 10/36 Monthly $487 +$3200 DAS still a decent deal?

Just signed a BMW 440i.
MSRP $60xxx payment is $487 with due at signing $6700 including 7MSD and DAS.
didn’t think much when signing it in a rush. Is this still a good or decent deal?

MSRP: $60035
Selling Price: $53000 (11.7% off after OL)
Monthly Payment: $487 (including tax, before tax is about $450)
Cash Due at Signing: $3167 including first payment + $500 downpay + $2000 DAS ( cap reduction tax, DMV, 955 Acquisition fee ) $3500 7MSD TOTAL DAS is $6670

MSD: 7MSD=$3500
Incentives:5750 (official incentive $5250, corp fleet $500, No royalty)
Annual Mileage:10000
Leasehackr Score:9.7

Dealer refused to offer more than 12% off
That is the bad part. I see many got easily 15% around this forum for 3 and 5 series.
Put $500 downpay. without which, monthly would be $504 inclu tax.

Is this still a good deal especially with thin discount and quite high DAS?

One major reason the payment is high is I am not qualified for loyalty ($2500 for 440! this month) and discount is very thin only less than 12%. No loyalty as first time BMW owner means if I have ever pushed them harder, dealer would rather sell cars to those with loyalty to keep same profit margin.
Of course lower residual than 3 series is another reason.

4 Series GC is rarer so getting a great deal can be more difficult, compared to normal 3 Series for example. 10% discount, plus incentives, and MSDs is the basis of any good deal so I wouldn’t worry. Enjoy driving your vehicle.

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Considering the 4 series isn’t imminently being refreshed as a new model, I think your discount of 10.7% off before incentives is pretty good. If this is a MY19, perhaps you could have gotten a steeper discount if you waited until MY20’s hit the lots.

So as a conclusion do you think I paid more than a decent deal?
I see 1% is marginally satisfied if I rolled DAS to monthly, it would be $590 with 0 DAS for a $60k car.

I think your deal is very fair.

Not a unicorn, blow-me-away, everyone-wants-your-sales-person’s number, deal, but respectable. You weren’t taken for a ride and neither was your dealer, at least as far as I can see.

So according to lease hackr forum standards, “fair deal” means a mediocre deal?
I think if I was qualified with loyalty, the deal would be $420 that is a fantastic deal?
If I could further knock down 5%, that would be $350 monthly can be called unicorn?

I guess if I was qualified with Loyalty, it could be a unicorn deal with $420 monthly + $2700 DAS for a $60k car?

I have been watching this forum for long long time before I just signed up to have a user name. I finally become so obsessed with the rating of a deal from people here…

Fair is subjective and 1% doesn’t always tell the tale. Some cars lease well and some don’t.

Let’s use the new 3 series for example, in up front tax states like TX, VA, GA , 1% per month/0 DAS is a pretty decent deal based on a 10% dealer discount, base MF, as well as Lease cash + Loyalty to mark it down some more. In other states however the same deal is more on the side of fair.

If I put 0 DAS, monthly would be $590 including tax, just slightly below 1% of $60k MSRP.

This one is a 2019 440I, still belongs to last generation F3x platform.
I am in SoCAL

In comparison, I had a deal for a 440i with a similar MSRP

$2,800 DAS
$431 a month

This is with MSD’s and loyalty

Thanks for sharing. If I had loyalty and same DAS as yours, payment would be $425
This is same as yours.
so culprit of my higher payment is no loyalty