BMW X7 Custom Order, 11% off Pre-incentive, Northeast


I helped a friend negotiate this deal in the Northeast. 10.5% should be achievable, the extra .5% was due to loyalty to the specific dealer.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: BMW X7 4.0 - custom order
MSRP: 11% off Pre-incentive
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10000
MF: .00047 with max MSD
Residual: 55
Incentives: $2750 , $1000 Loyalty, $750 Lease Loyalty, $500 lease cash, $500 Penfed
Region: Northeast USA

Edit: Changing a few details as the $500 penfed was initially added to sales discount, as the dealer presented it.


What is the approx delivery time? Tks

Mid December - Friend was told they could lock October incentives now, but if they’re better in December, they can use the December incentives.

Is there no standard lease cash on these?

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not sure what you’re getting at. There are 4 separate incentives.

from @nextlevelautobrokers X7 calc

500 lease cash
1000 loyalty
500 conquest
750 bmw lease to lease

I understand lease cash incentives vary by region but I believe loyalty does not. My point is that they didn’t seem to lend you the full loyalty or lease cash (assuming it was available). Presumably (with bonus cash and PenFed) you could have qualified for 3250 in incentives, or at least 2750.

Great deal otherwise, just wanted to clarify for others.

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Conquest doesn’t stack with loyalty. I’m not an expert in BMW leasing, I’ll look into this.Thanks. Going to check with the dealer. I agree it should be $2750.

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Yep. I meant 3250 = 500 LC + 1000 L + 750 L2L + 500 PF + 500 BC

What was the bonus cash for?

Bonus Cash = lease cash in my deal. I’ll change the name in the main post.

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Edits look good. Congrats on the negotiation and his deal. This is just about a rock bottom price for a custom order on an X7 lease right now

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Is this type of deal also achievable in Florida?

Maybe, call 10 dealers and ask for it.

One clue, if the dealership has a fancy building, you probably won’t get a good deal there.

To clarify, I’m not a broker. Message me for the dealer. My sense is that you could get similar discounts on other BMW model orders.

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I’d be surprised if replicable—I ordered one around the same time and discount was knocked to 8% because of supply shortages.

When you say knocked to 8%, do you mean that you agreed on a higher discount before submitting the order and then they lowered it on delivery?

Yea–10% on original proposal but by the time the car hit production they just couldn’t do it anymore because of changes in the market.

Never heard of that before…seems like a scummy move but I don’t have experience with custom orders.

@ brokers is this a common thing?

Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled, but to be fair I had the opportunity to walk at that point no questions asked. But since I still wanted what I wanted, had to pay to play. At the end of the day, I got close to what I was originally planning in terms of payment by adding MSDs to the mix.

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Dealers are pretty good about honoring broker deals…it’s not worth the loss of business for them I would think


Car picked up. No pricing changed.

Great! Share pics in the trophy garage!

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