BMW X7 40i Lease. Is it a good deal?

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MSRP $81.860.00
Residual Amount (59%) $48,297.40
Term 36/10K
Money Factor Rate 0.00215
Selling Price $78,585.60

Amount Due at Start $2,610.64
Monthy Rental $1284.00

I could be wrong on the money factor but thats what I believe he stated and he just wants a credit app and credit card to start the deal although I did want to shop it to other leasing companies 1st lease and all.

I was quoted a 0.00177 … if you are Tier 1 - that’s what it should be. Does the Selling Price include loyalty?

1st BMW so Im thinking not on their page it has options to click for various rebates and loyalty is one of them but never clicked it

Are you sure that you don’t want 4 2018 X2’s instead? Or 2.5 X6’s? :rofl:

From what others have posted, sounds like this is about the going rate of the X7. It is brand new and leases terribly. Make sure you get base MF, dealer is making enough on the front end of this.

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No thanks, I would rater finance a Condo and get an Acura MDX for 500/m!!! :slight_smile:

Truuuuue. Good one. Lmao!!
One X6 please :slight_smile:

You can do better on discount and everything to do with that deal

Preach it Brother - you took the words right ouf my mouth. Don’t forget 4 320i Loaner, 5 328d diesels and 6 330e loaners or 2 740i Frozen black …


He is giving you 2.5 X6, why do you only want one. Do you know how much fun it is to drive .5 of an X6?

$48k to lease a $81k car for 30k miles will compensate BMWFS for a few of our :unicorn:s

The real question is which .5 are we talking about? Is it cut down the middle between four wheels? Cut laterally? Is it just the chassis, engine, and transmission, but with no body on top? Is it JUST the body and no engine, chassis, or transmission?

Really went wild with this concept.

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No silly, .5 of an X6 is an X3. Math…

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If youre going to spend $1200+ a month on a car, you should know its a 40i not a 401…


It’s precisely the guy who does not know 401 from 40i who will spend 1.2k on a car …

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Haha. I was wondering what 401 was. I thought it might have been the X7’s platform code.

Another pet peeve of mine, do you know how many people on here think they are driving an Infinity instead of an Infiniti? :man_facepalming:


That would be G07 :slight_smile:

True…Tho best expect some stares when you try to explain to your friends about the wonderful new BMW 401 you drive :wink:

Or get 1 Rolls Royce

Look at my new $1200 bEEmer :no_mouth:


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